‘I’m not engaged to be married’- Kamene Goro

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On Fri, 28 Jan, 2022 18:02 | < 1 min read
'It's not something I would do' - Kamene Goro speaks about dowry payment ceremony
Former radio presenter Kamene Goro. PHOTO/Instagram

Radio host Kamene Goro has opened up about her secretive romantic life.

Kamene, who revealed that she was engaged last year in November, says while she is off the market, the engagement does not necessarily mean it would end up in matrimony.

"I have a ring because I've been taken off the market, it's a guarantee of the sort but I'm not engaged to be married," she said in an interview with Youtuber Nicholas Kioko.

The 29-year-old, who has been in radio space for almost four years now, further added that she keeps most of her personal information off social media to avoid toxicity.

"The social media space is so toxic. People want to be part of your life but for the wrong reasons. I'm not a celebrity, my job presented these circumstances," she added.

The radio queen has always been vocal about her failed marriage to a Tanzanian national, a union that ended via a Whatsapp message.

“He broke up with me via Whatsapp. He couldn’t even spend his money to break up with me,” she said.

In a previous interview with Betty Kyallo, Kamene noted that settling down and having kids is not a priority to her, however, it would be a great experience if it happens.

“You know the way you have your goals and KPI’s? Marriage is not one of my KPI’s and goals. If it happens great, though it’s not something I’m actively working towards.

"Just like marriage, having kids is not something I’m aspiring to or a goal that I would not live without. If it happens, fantastic if it doesn’t yet again fantastic.”