‘I’d kept this secret for long’: Harmonize drops shocker about his ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper

By Brian Okoth On Tue, 11 Aug, 2020 12:41 | 3 mins read
Harmonize and Wolper dated between 2016 and early 2017. [PHOTO | FILE]
Harmonize and Wolper dated between 2016 and early 2017. [PHOTO | FILE]

Tanzanian actress Jacqueline Wolper was “extremely unfaithful”, her compatriot and former lover, Harmonize, claims.

Speaking at Jamhuri Grounds in Dodoma, where he had gone to perform on Saturday night (August 8), Harmonize alleged that his ex-flame did not observe relationship boundaries, to the extent of hitting on Harmonize’s friend and former colleague at Wasafi, Diamond Platnumz.

Besides expressing her desire for the WCB chief, Wolper — according to Harmonize who was her known boyfriend at the time — was dating two other men simultaneously. One of her “other lovers” was a Tanzanian living and working in China and the other was a Burundi national.

Harmonize said he came to learn of Wolper’s interest in Diamond, when he chanced upon phone messages she had sent him, including promising to conceive for Diamond.

“I have never revealed publicly what I am about to say,” said Harmonize as quoted by Global Publishers.

“Today, I am speaking out so that she (Wolper) gets to know that I was aware of what she was doing behind my back. Wolper was interested in my former boss (Diamond Platnumz) sexually. She would send him messages regularly, expressing her undying love for him. One of her messages to him, which broke my heart, said she was ready to conceive for Diamond, and that she was sure the child would be a boy. At the time, Diamond had only Latiffah, a daughter, as his child,” said Harmonize.

The Fire Waist star, 26, says Wolper, 32, even went ahead to tell Diamond that she wasn’t genuinely in love with Harmonize.

“One of her messages to Diamond said: ‘I’m with Harmonize so that I can get close to you; [I’m not with him because I love him].’ Upon realising that Wolper’s advances at him were spiraling out of control, Diamond called me, and said: ‘my younger brother, I have something I want to tell you’. However, he couldn’t immediately gather the courage to say what he wanted to disclose. So, he first took alcohol and, thereafter, told me: ‘your lover wants me sexually’, and went ahead to show me the messages.

“I had planned never to reveal anything about her cheating habits, but she has provoked me. She is going around saying false things about me. I hear she now refers to my fiancée, Sarah, as my sponsor (sugar mummy). I love Sarah genuinely, and I am not in the relationship for her money, or any other ulterior motive. So, when Wolper refers to Sarah, who is pregnant with our first child, as my sponsor, it hurts me.

“There was this day I was about to go on stage to perform, and I was with her (Wolper) in the backstage, when her phone rang. She had saved the caller’s name as ‘My Love’. I grabbed the phone from her and ran to a secluded room, where I went through her messages with the so-called ‘My Love’. I realised the caller was one Rich Mitindo, her current lover, who was in China at the time. In one of their messages, Rich Mitindo was complaining that Wolper had neglected him and focused her attention on her ‘small kid’. I, Harmonize, a fully-grown man who was working hard to raise money to finance her lifestyle, was being referred to as a child by her side-lover? That message left me livid.

“Nonetheless, I chose to forgive her and continued with our relationship. Later, I found other romantic messages by a different man on her phone. This one, this time around, was a Burundi national. Now, that discovery… hit my heart hard. Wolper’s current lover, Rich Mitindo, was seeing her even before the film star and I broke up.

“It was after being subjected to such emotional trauma that I went to the studio to record the song Nishachoka, which was inspired by my experiences while dating Wolper.

Harmonize and Wolper dated between 2016 and early 2017.

Wolper, in subsequent interviews, said she broke up with Harmonize because the Matatizo star “did not genuinely love me, but only used me as a ladder to rise up the entertainment industry”.

The actress would, in a July 2019 interview, take a swipe at Harmonize, snidely referring to him as “broke” and “uncouth”.

“Broke and uncouth men were the ones who troubled my life and made me restless in the past. Currently, I only deal with a man who gives me Tsh10 million (Ksh453, 000) and above. In short, I am living life in the fast lane,” Wolper told Tanzania’s Global Publishers on July 31, 2019.

After separating with Wolper in 2017, Harmonize got into a relationship with Italian model, Sarah, whom he engaged in Rome, Italy in April, 2019.

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