I went to live with my parents after I broke up with Raburu, ex-wife opens up

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 27 Aug, 2021 17:18 | 2 mins read
A photo grid of ex-lovers Mary Irungu and Willis Raburu: PHOTO/COURTESY

Mary Irungu who is Citizen Television presenter’s Willis Raburu ex-wife has for the first time opened up about her ordeal after she parted ways with the acclaimed presenter.

Irungu alias Marya Prudence said that her father was compassionate enough to allow her back home immediately she parted ways with Raburu.

She also revealed that her dotting father bought her alcohol and drank for the first time, maybe to sooth away her sorrows.

The firstborn in a family of three said that her dad allowed her back since she was going through depressing times.

“My father took me in when I was going through hard times sometime last year. He further told me that he will always stand up for me,” she said.

At the time she had lost her only daughter Adana and was also going through divorce with the celebrated TV presenter.

She further revealed that she went through medication in order to ensure that her mental health is improved.  Her mother always on standby to cook a delicacy and always there to take care and pamper her just like the old days.

According to Irungu, family has played a key role in ensuring she makes the right decisions, consequently given she is the firstborn.

Irungu said that her father does not know any of her ex-lovers and only met Raburu when he visited their home seeking a hand in marriage.

However, she said that she has always opened up to her mother on matters relationship, and she was always advised accordingly.

Irungu said her mother has always been vocal to her about her relationship and life generally and reminisced back in the days during her days in primary school, her mother set the bar high by enlightening her that she would only accept a man who will visit their home