I might have confused her with my girlfriend, Fred Omondi says after he was accused of sleeping with Obinna’s first love

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On Thu, 2 Dec, 2021 08:39 | < 1 min read
Photo Grid of Oga Obinna (left) and Fred Omondi (right). PHOTO/COURTESY

Comedian and radio host Oga Obinna recently revealed that his best friend and fellow comedian Fred Omondi slept with his first girlfriend while they were staying together.

Speaking in an interview with Jalang'o, Obinna revealed that at the time, he was living with Fred and Owago Nyiro in the same house when the incident happened.

He said that Fred slept with his lady while he was on a trip in Mombasa and left the lady under the care of his two roommates - Owago and Fred.

"I was living with Owago Onyiro and Fred Omondi. So, had gone to Mombasa for two days to do an activation, and when I came back, Fred had chewed my first lady. Remember, Fred is my best friend," Obinna told Jalang'o.

Obinna said that he knew about his friend's action after the lady confessed to him what they did while he was away.

The former Nation FM host blamed Fred for the incident noting that he had crossed the line by sleeping with his girlfriend.

Responding to the revelation, Fred asked for forgiveness from Obinna noting that at the time, he was still young.

He further claimed that he might have slept with the said lady because he might have been tired at the time and confused her with his girlfriend.

"Ati I chewed🤣🤣🤣 @ogaobinna pole I was still a child back then," he said.

"@ogaobinna tho juu ya kuchoka pia I confused her with my mamaa😂😂 (Due to tire, I might have confused her with my girlfriend)" he added.

Obinna who has since buried the hatchet between him and Fred, however, noted that the lady was 'loose' and that why she slept with Fred.

 "She was loose. Simple," Oga said.