Huddah ‘restores her virginity’ years after Prezzo ‘deflowered’ her

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On Wed, 8 Jun, 2022 14:21 | 2 mins read
Huddah 'restores her virginity' years after Prezzo deflowered her
Huddah Monroe is selling tightening herbal stick which she claims 'restores virginity'. PHOTO/Huddah (huddahthebosschick)/Instagram.

Huddah Monroe claims to have restored her virginity after using a product which according to her works wonders.

The controversial socialite is selling v*gina tightening herbal stick which she claims restores virginity in women.

“RICH P$$Y @richbeauty on zeeee way! We tighten that v*gina with no surgery. Even if you have 10 kids out of your v*gina . We will bring it back like you never had s#x in your whole entire life.
This is a #SECRET kept away from many because you know us as women hate to see each other thrive lol! But I’m bringing it out and I want y’all to keep your marriage. Your relationships forever ……,” Huddah wrote on a post on social media.

Huddah Monroe uses the product

Huddah while replying to queries about her product stressed that the tightening herbal stick is good as advertised. She also noted that she uses it herself.

“It’s clinically certified and it’s herbal. No chemicals. You fool. I use it myself do I look like I have inflamed v*gina. If you don’t have anything to say keep your mouth shut,” Huddah Monroe responded to a critic.

Huddah Monroe responds to a critic who questioned her product. PHOTO/Huddah (@huddahthebosschick)/Instagram.
Huddah insists her product is good as advertised. PHOTO/Huddah (huddahthebosschick)/Instagram.

She recently claimed that her tightening stick also 'cures' fungal infections.

Huddah claims her product cures fungal infections. PHOTO/Huddah (huddahthebosschick)/Instagram.

Huddah's virginity

The socialite lost her virginity to Prezzo years ago. She confessed that the legendary rapper deflowered her and also broke her heart.

“Buried the hatchet…. And the once love of my life ….The nigga that broke my virginity (T.M.I???) will be coming thru to HUDDAH MILLION PARTY ? … El Presidente @prezzo254 ?? WE DONT TURN UP ⬆️…. WE TURN OVER ↗️…….??? #HuddahMillionParty #huddahlove,” Huddah Monroe wrote on an Instagram post in 2017.

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