‘They don’t care about you’ – Huddah Monroe advises fans on friendships

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On Sun, 1 Oct, 2023 16:58 | < 1 min read
Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe. PHOTO/Huddah(@huddahthebosschick)/Instagram
Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe. PHOTO/Huddah(@huddahthebosschick)/Instagram

Kenyan socialite and beauty entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has recently shared her thoughts on friendships.

The Rich Beauty CEO made it clear that she is embracing a life without friends and has no intention of making new ones besides her dedicated clients.

"Love my life now, no friends & I don't need new ones, my clients & business associates are my friends. The rest of Y'all can fuck off, don't call me, don't text, don't chat me. I don't know you from today onwards," Huddah asserted.

Huddah Monroe's friendship advice

Huddah went on to provide her followers with some friendship advice. She highlighted that true friendships can be rare and cautioned her fans against putting too much stock in people who may not genuinely care about them.

"People you think are friends chat & call you to know how far you are going with your life so they have the next gossip or feel better about their miserable lives. They don't really care about you. But your clients, those are the real deal!" she added.

She emphasized that her interactions would now be driven primarily by business and client relationships, making it clear that those without a professional connection should refrain from reaching out.

"Not to be rude but if you don't buy from me or have any business with me, you have no business calling my phone or ever chatting me. Clearly, we don't need each other! If it's emotional support I'll pay a therapist! Bye, y'all!" she concluded.

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