‘It was something very stupid’ – Holy Dave explains how bar fight incident affected his brand 

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On Sun, 21 May, 2023 18:32 | < 1 min read
'After that I got my biggest deal ever' - Holy Dave explains how bar fight incident affected his brand
Internet sensation Holy Dave. PHOTO/Facebook

Internet sensation Holy Dave now says his brand first suffered a blow before he got a major nod after he was accused of attacking a reveler with a bottle in a city club.

According to Dave, the incident ultimately contributed to him losing some deals saying the allegations were magnified and made public after his accuser learnt he is a celebrity.

This he said during his appearance for a radio interview.

"The story affected my brand. There were people I had talked to before the saga occurred in October 1st. In Jan 12 people I had talked to either went quiet or completely ignored me. Some brands asked me directly. After that I got my biggest deal. Maybe God wanted to show me to behave myself for what he is preparing me for in the future."

While explaining what happened on the fateful day, here's what Holy Dave said;

"It was something very stupid. It was someone I did not even know. He was drunk and he almost fell on my friends and that is when my security guy handled him. That was a very happy day for me. The guys brother started attacking me after he fell on our table. The brother said I wouldn't leave the premise, that is when the 15 seconds war began."

He however maintains that he did not hit the man but only got outsmarted.

"I did not attack the man using a bottle. It wasn't serious, but the guy wanted to extort me. He wanted 300K from me. I ended up paying 150K because I did not want to waste time in court."


"He took a P3 first and accused me of assaulting him. Since then I have increased my security, to protect my brand."

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