‘He has my photos in his room’ – KBC news anchor Purity Museo exposes obsessed stalker

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On Wed, 22 Sep, 2021 13:30 | < 1 min read
A collage of Purity Museo with her alleged stalker. PHOTO/TWITTER

KBC news anchor Purity Museo has exposed an alleged stalker obsessed with her throwing Twitter in a flip.

According to Museo, the man who is also an alleged teacher have her photos in his room and tags her whenever he uploads them online.

Her efforts to block him turns futile since he creates new accounts which she termed as quite odd and abnormal and has asked Kenyans to help her stop him.

“Fellow Kenyans. I need help to stop this man! He has my photos in his room and when I block him he creates new accounts and tags me in these posts. I don’t know him. I have warned him severally in vain. I don’t find this normal,” she wrote in a tweet.

While some of her followers agreed with her, others asked her to brace it since the man is just a fan and her photos are online after all.

Here are some divided reactions sampled by K24 Digital;

@TrumanEllis: “This is an unhealthy obsession aki, wah this guy is building fantasies with you. If you are prayerful I say pray and break that bond.”

@aguycalledwordz: “Those saying he is just a fan, can’t do anything past having your pics, etc clearly don’t understand that stalker behaviour can cause psychological and physical harm whether intended or not. This is wrong and yes it is not normal at all.”

@Itsnyambane: “Meet him and end this amicably.”

@geemogambi: “Being a celebrity you have to learn to ignore people like that.”

@outlawzkevin: “The guy is obsessed with you.”

@Bornnyen: ” I don’t think he means any harm to you but whoever gets to date you might face his wrath.”

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