Harmonize denies punching Eric Omondi

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On Sun, 1 May, 2022 18:46 | 2 mins read
Tanzanian singer Hermonize.
Tanzanian singer Hermonize.

The most anticipated collaboration between the self-proclaimed king of comedy Eric Omondi and Tanzanian artiste Harmonize has definitely taken a new twist.

Harmonize was supposed to perform at different clubs in Nairobi and then head to Mombasa but things didn’t go so well.

In just one night, the singer was arrested and held at Kileleshwa Police Station and the comedian alleged that he was punched by Harmonize.

Eric narrated to the media how he tried to have a talk with him, convincing him to stick to the plan but, Harmonize punched him while they were in the police cell.

The singer has however denied the claims saying that one can’t punch anyone inside a police cell.

Bjut Eric urged his Tanzanian fans not to believe what Harmonize was going to tell them. He said:

"Nimekuja kumwondoa,kama ndugu yangu. Na mandugu zang wa Tanzania, Harmonize asiwadanganye. Kwa sababu nimekuja kumwondoa aliku ameshikwa na clubs. Nikase a media isione. Twende Mombasa vile tulitangaza. Harmonize ameketi hivi, na ongea, namwambia Harmonize give us the money media isijue. Akanipiga hivi, mbele ya OCPD."

When asked, Harmonize denied the claims. He also apologised to his fans but cautioned them to note the difference between a club appearance and a performance. The singer said he didn’t want to disappoint his Kenyan fans since they are the ones who put him at his level.

He also added that he is the number one played Tanzanian artiste in Kenya according to a ‘research’.

"From today, I don’t want to disappoint my fans anymore. According to research, I am the most played artiste here from Tanzania. Wewe unaweza mpiga mtu mbele ya polisi? Unaweza kumpiga mtu na polisi wanakuakangalia?" Harmonize posed.

Eric came out with a trace of blood on his lips saying that he had taken a video while he was confronting him but the singer’s bouncers took his phone away.

Do you think Eric Omondi would work with any Tanzanian artiste ever again? For weeks now, Eric and Harmonize have been hyping the singer’s visit to Kenya, but for it to end up like this? Must be sad.

Joe Basil, the director of Captains Lounge where Harmonize was to perform on Saturday said that Harmonize should be brought back to the police station after his performance at Volume 01 in Mombasa.

The singer reportedly performed for 5 minutes at Captains Lounge instead of one and a half hours as they had earlier discussed.

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