Harmonize apologizes to his Italian ex-wife, speaks about his failed marriage

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 21 Jul, 2021 14:00 | 2 mins read
Singer Harmonize with ex-wife Sarah Michelotti. PHOTO/FILE

Tanzania artist Rajabu Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize has issued an apology to his Italian ex-lover Sarah Michelotti.

While performing new song ‘Sorry’ live on ceek, Harmonize sings;

“I am sorry, I am lonely, I worry for you.”

Harmonize during the live performance

In the song, he goes on to express his plea to Sarah saying it would have been so foolish of him to continue denying his blood by keeping his illegitimate child a secret.

“This is the story of my life. I’ve been hiding my beautiful daughter for the last one year, this is crazy! I love you my daughter wherever you are.”

Taking to his social, Harmonize uploaded the video on Instagram and captioned it to read;

“I’m sorry is the only Word I can use for the one beautiful woman who gave me four years of her life, Not to mention I was the problem. God brought me my firstborn and that was the end of our union.” 

“Yes, I slid and I asked for forgiveness but it would be foolish of me if I went on to hide my child. Love and respect, this one is for you.”

Konde boy four-year marriage to his wife crashed in December 2020 due to infidelity whereby he cheated with two different women.

Harmonize took the internet by storm after confessing to siring a daughter two years into their marriage, which he believes was the main cause of his failed union.

It also emerged that Harmonize had completely blindsided Sarah with lies that Kajala(whom he cheated with) was his relative.

“He started dating Kajala in October 2020 and I came back to Tanzania in November and when I asked him about the relationship, he said she was his sister and he couldn’t date her since she is old and that they are just friends,” Sarah Michelotti said. 

Upon their separation, the bongo artist publicly embraced the well-known actress Fridah Kajala on Valentine’s day however, their romance did not last three months.