Harmonize’s ex-wife Sarah demands part of singer’s wealth as divorce case kicks off

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On Wed, 28 Sep, 2022 12:57 | 2 mins read
Musician Harmonize and his ex-wife Sarah Michelotti PHOTO/@harmonize_tz,@sarah__tz/Instagram

Tanzanian musician Harmonize’s divorce case with his estranged Italian wife Sarah Michelotti has kicked off.

Sarah ended her affair with Harmonize back in December 2020, after it emerged that he cheated on her and even sired a child out of wedlock.

Sarah demands part of Harmonize’s wealth

In an update on his Instagram page, Harmonize disclosed that Sarah is demanding to be given part of his wealth.

This is even as the singer argues that he had already divorced Sarah and moved on with actress Fridah Kajala.

"She wants part of my wealth since I had married her. When we separated, I did not have anything and I ended up sleeping at Kajala's house,” Harmonize said.

Harmonize and Sarah wedding

The two got married in Dar Es Salaam in 2019, months after the singer proposed to her dueling a vacation in Italy.

They broke up months later after Harmonize introduced his daughter in a series of updates on social media.

Sarah said by the time Harmonize introduced his daughter, they had already separated and she had started filing for divorce.

“On the day he posted the baby, we had officially separated. In 2018, we fought and separated for three months, I went to Italy

"Everything started in March 2018. Harmonize changed a lot, he used to leave me alone at home and sleep out at night. He would pick fights just not to come back home. July, I went to Italy and he was not checking up on me,” she said.

Harmonize and his lover Fridah Kajala PHOTO/@harmonize_tz/Instagram

Harmonize apologizes

In July 2021, the superstar issued an apology to Sarah while performing his new song, ‘Sorry' live on ceek.

In the song, Harmonize goes on to express his plea to Sarah saying it would have been so foolish of him to continue denying his blood by keeping his illegitimate child a secret.

"This is the story of my life. I've been hiding my beautiful daughter for the last one year, this is crazy! I love you my daughter wherever you are,” he sang.

Harmonize uploaded the video on Instagram and captioned it to read;

"I'm sorry is the only Word I can use for the one beautiful woman who gave me four years of her life, Not to mention I was the problem. God brought me my firstborn and that was the end of our union

"Yes, I slid and I asked for forgiveness but it would be foolish of me if I went on to hide my child. Love and respect, this one is for you."

Musician Harmonize PHOTO/@harmonize_tz/Instagram