Uncertainty as Harmonize, Kajala share cryptic messages on social media

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On Fri, 30 Sep, 2022 11:15 | 2 mins read
Musician Harmonize and her fiancé Frida Kajala PHOTO/@kajalafrida/Instagram

Tanzanian singer Harmonize and her fiancé actress Fridah Kajala have sparked reactions after sharing cryptic messages on their social media pages.

This comes just days after a divorce case pitting the musician and her ex-wife, Sarah Michelotti kicked off.

Cryptic messages

In an update on her Instagram page, Kajala shared a statement that indicated that her relationship with Harmonize was on the rocks.

The mother of one shared a post which she captioned’ ‘leave me alone’ followed by a series of motivational quotes.

"I’m at a point in my life where I need peace and tranquility, not attitudes and arguments.

“Everything we go through in life is a test to either hit the next level or stay in the same spot.

“Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. The Beast inside me is sleeping, not dead," the quotes read.

Frida Kajala
Harmonize and actress Frida Kajala PHOTO/@kajalafrida/Instagram

Harmonize reacts

Harmonize responded to the post and shared a comment where he noted that human beings are full of disappointments.

He added that it doesn’t matter how much someone expresses love, they will eventually end up disappointing you.

“Akinipenda Mungu inatosha so f**k it. Usijivunie mwanadamu Hata siku moja, hata akwambie anakupenda vipi, for this life I think, you just need God, man

“Ipo siku atakudisappoint yes, leave me alone too. I don’t need nobody. F**k it,” the musician said.

However, social media users believe that the two are clout chasing for purposes of promoting the singer’s upcoming releases.

Harmonize divorce case

Elsewhere, the singer disclosed that his ex-wife, Sarah is demanding to be given part of his wealth as their divorce case kicks off.

This is even as the singer argues that he had already divorced Sarah and moved on with actress Fridah Kajala.

"She wants part of my wealth since I had married her. When we separated, I did not have anything and I ended up sleeping at Kajala's house,” Harmonize said.

The two broke up months later after Harmonize introduced his daughter in a series of updates on social media.

Sarah said by the time Harmonize introduced his daughter, they had already separated and she had started filing for divorce.

“On the day he posted the baby, we had officially separated. In 2018, we fought and separated for three months, I went to Italy

"Everything started in March 2018. Harmonize changed a lot, he used to leave me alone at home and sleep out at night. He would pick fights just not to come back home. July, I went to Italy and he was not checking up on me,” she said.

Harmonize and his fiancé Frida Kajala PHOTO/@kajalafrida/Instagram

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