Guardian Angel disapproves Ringtone’s switch to secular industry

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On Wed, 13 Jul, 2022 13:37 | 3 mins read
Guardian Angel
Musician Guardian Angel PHOTO/@guardianangelglobal/Instagram

Gospel singer Audiphaxed Peter Omwaka, alias Guardian Angel has reacted to fellow musician Ringtone’s decision to quit the gospel industry.

Speaking to journalists, the gospel musician said he was not sure of Ringtone’s decision since he is fond of joking around.

However, Guardian Angel who was flanked by his wife, Esther Musila, noted that the musician’s decision did not mean well to the gospel industry.

“I didn't receive the news well because as much as we say things from different dimensions and for different reasons, sisi wote tunajua Ringtone anapenda mchezo kidogo,” the singer stated.

Ringtone should endure

Guardian Angel said he is waiting to see Ringtone’s next move so that he understands the direction that he is taking.

“But I don't think I would take it well if for instance another one of us quits Gospel music. Because let me tell you one thing being a gospel musician you can be hurt by someone in the same ministry but that doesn't mean God has hurt you,” he said.

The singer noted that no matter the problem, Ringtone should practice endurance and turn to God for assistance.

“It is a calling then you should be in a position to endure anything then go back to talking to God,” Guardian Angel added.

Guardian Angel
Musician Guardian Angel in a past video shoot PHOTO/@guardianangelglobal/Instagram

Guardian Angel on musicians quitting gospel industry

Guardian Angel blatantly said most gospel singers who quit the gospel do so in search of more money and they should stop giving lame excuses.

He maintained that God is the provider of all and knows what everyone wants.

“If that’s the reason; someone leaving because there is no enough money in the gospel industry, the it means there is no money in the secular industry too. It’s a lame reason,” Guardian Angel said.

Guardian Angel
Musician Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila PHOTO/@guardianangelglobal/Instagram

Ringtone quits gospel industry

Ringtone announced his decision to quit the gospel insurance on Monday, July 4.

Without divulging much information, the singer took to his official Instagram account and announced that he had quit the industry.

Ringtone later claimed that he has quit gospel because of lustful women.

He said that Kenyan women have a problem because they mostly focused on him instead of Christ.

“I quit gospel music because of women…instead of following the Christ that I preach, they ended up loving me. That is why I am taking a short break so that these women focus on Jesus and leave me alone,” he said.

Ringtone said he will focus on producing love songs as he urged his peers in the secular world to welcome him with open arms.

“It has come to an end and I have decided that I will be singing love songs. To all artistes in the secular industry, don't take it as a completion just welcome me with an open heart so that we can take the industry to the next level. Bye bye gospel industry,” he said in a video.

Guardian Angel
Musician Ringtone in a past radio interview PHOTO/@ringtoneapoko/Instagram