Georgina Njenga speaks up on being ‘mom-shamed’

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On Sun, 5 Mar, 2023 19:43 | 2 mins read
Georgina Njenga speaks up on mom shaming
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Mommy shaming which can be described as loose and unsolicited comments or criticism toward how moms choose to parent their kids and conduct themselves as both women and mothers has been rampant owing to social media platforms and content creator Georgina Njenga is speaking up.

The mother of one through her social media shared her experience as a first-time mom where she says netizens have been calling her out for what they believe are mothering mistakes.

In her case, she says, parenting skills have been questioned for her partying tendencies and merely hanging out with friends something she says cannot be directed to her daughter's father.

Georgina Njenga with her boyfriend Baha after welcoming their child. 
Georgina Njenga with her boyfriend Baha after welcoming their child.

While recalling how not asking for help saw her get stuck in the house for three months after her daughter was born and a consequential postpartum depression Georgina Njenga noted she will not allow the criticism to weigh her down and encouraged other young moms to do the same.

"First of all, asking a mum where she left her baby when she is trying to have fun is mom shaming since yall try to create mom guilt in us. Apart from holding the title of mum, we have a lot of other things to offer. During my first 3 months of being a mom, I really did overwork myself I had no nanny because I felt I would be a lazy mom. I didn't leave the house only when going to clinics I lost myself so much that I never thought I would overcome it. I fell into postpartum depression.

"The moment I allowed myself to receive help everything changed for me. It's crazy I can be in the house six out of seven days but that one day everyone will try to make me feel bad for going out and it's all crazy because her dad never gets the same questions when he's out with his friends," part of the lengthy writeup reads.

"I'm still a girl trying to achieve her dreams in her 20s and I'm still going to live them at every opportunity that I get," she added.

Georgina Njenga welcomed her firstborn Astra in May 2022 with her boyfriend Tyler Mbaya, popularly known for his role 'Baha' in Machachari.

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