Netizens react to Georgina Njenga moving on ‘too fast’ following breakup with Baha

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 15 Jul, 2023 12:38 | < 1 min read
Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend during couple shoot. PHOTO/
Baha and girlfriend Georgina. PHOTO/Courtesy

Georgina Njenga has confirmed her breakup with baby daddy Tyler Mbaya barely two months after their online scandal.

However, Njenga recently left a section of her fans talking after revealing she had bagged a new man who she also introduced on her Instagram stories.

According to Njenga, her new man is what she prayed for. She claimed that he gives her a new kind of love that she never knew existed.

"This is a different kind of love. I never knew such love existed to be honest. Tbh. I am in a good place," Njenga wrote while gloating about her newfound love.

"Ata gari ikizeeka lazima ipigwe rangi ndio irudi market," a fan by the name of __pi_toh__ wrote responding to Njenga's post on the new man.

Another one pointed out that Georgina had moved on a bit too fast with the new man. Adding that no person in a committed relationship moves that fast.

"Hadi replacement ya airtel haifanyikangi hivi haraka sana," Hoe_car commented under the post.

Another fan adding;

"Eeh munamove on haraka, ata hakuna heaking stage."

Njenga's announcement about her new relationship left some fans convinced she and Baha had been issues way before revealing it on social media.