Gengetone artiste Harry Craze blames randy women for his downfall

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Gengetone artiste Harry Craze blames randy women for his downfall
Gengetone artiste Harry Crazy. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Gengetone artiste Harry Craze slipped into depression and attempted suicide at least seven times because of randy women.

Harry Craze who is a member of Rico Gang opened up about his woes while speaking during an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali.

The Gengetone rapper said that he was mobbed by randy women after he shot to fame. He noted that it was quite hard for him to deal with the ladies because he is an introvert.

He lamented that women aggressively approached him demanding sex.

"Mostly ilikua madem na siwezi weka venye msee anaweza fikiria ati nlikua nakatiana sana, si sasa walikua wanakuja kwangu most of them wao wenyewe. Mi ni msee very reserved, inakuanga very hard for me kuapproach dem. So ikakua ni wao wananiapproach mbaka ikakua ni very hectic for me. Coz ni wengi na wote wanakuja na one agenda - ikue ni more than kuwakatia. Hio pressure inafanya ukue someone you are not. So ilikua inanisumbua akili sana. Unapata dem anataka kushiriki ngono na mimi but mi sidai so dem anakuwekea lawama since umekata.

(Women were seducing me. I am a very reserved person so it was very hectic for me to deal with them. All of them came with one agenda - to sleep with me. I was really disturbed mentally)," Harry Craze said.

The Gengetone artiste slipped into depression

Harry Craze further revealed that he slipped into depression because of the demands made by the randy women who were after him.

He said the situation got worst after his father died. The Gengetone rapper became drunk alcohol excessively to deal with the stress he was facing.

"Ilikua very hectic to me to a point naingia depression na mimi sijui. I never used to speak to people about my problems so unapata inaniaffect in a very major way. Nlikua nakunywa tei daily. (It was very hectic to the point I slipped into depression. I never used to speak to people about my problems and this affected me so much. I was drinking alcohol every day)," he said.

The rapper said his manager only found out that he was depressed after he tried committing suicide. He disclosed that he tried taking his own life once by jumping off a five-storey building and another time by drinking toilet cleaner Harpic.

"Alipata kujua kitu inanisumbua na hio ni after nime attempt suicide like seven times. Ya kwanza ilikua january ikianza and then ya pili ilikua january ikiisha. Ya kwanza nilitry kujirusha from a 5 storey building alafu ya pili nkakunywa herpic.

(My manager found out I was depressed after I had attempted suicide like seven times. The first time was in the beginning of January and the second time was towards the end of January. The first time I tried to jump off a five-storey building and the second time I drank Harpic)," Harry Craze said.

The rapper revealed that his manager helped him get professional help. He checked into rehab - Life Bridge hospital in Mirema - where he was counselled.

The Gengetone artiste said he still goes for counselling at the facility. Watch the full interview in the video below:

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