From Jalang’o to Eric Omondi: The most scandalous celebrities of 2021

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On Fri, 31 Dec, 2021 15:40 | 3 mins read
Scandalous Kenyan celebrities in 2021. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenyan entertainment industry was never short of drama or controversies in 2021. Those in the industry made headlines for all manner of reasons ranging from fights over a child's paternity, infidelity, break-ups to assault allegations.

Below are some of the celebrities that, controversially, made the headlines the most in 2021.


It is no surprise media personality Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang'o appears on the top of our list. Since 2020, Jalang'o has made headlines for all manner of reasons with the most popular scandal being that which involved him and his 'Boys Club'.

Jalang'o and his boys were accused of engaging in a string of illicit sexual relationships. They were accused of engaging in sexual relationships with several women despite being married.

Other than the Boys Club scandal, Jalang'o was also accused of being part of a gang that engages in money laundering businesses in the country.

The radio host was accused of helping money launders in cleaning the proceeds of their crime through his various businesses. He, however, denied the allegations noting that all the money he owns is proceeds of his legitimate hard work.

Eric Omondi

If Jalang'o doesn't carry the mantle as the most scandalous Kenyan entertainer then comedian Eric Omondi is likely to be crowned as the king of scandals in Kenya in 2021.

In 2021, Omondi made headlines for a wide number of reasons starting with his controversial Wife Material show. The show sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans with many accusing Omondi of promoting immorality among the young generations.

The show also put him at loggerheads with former KFCB CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua who at some point ordered his officers and those drawn from the DCI to arrest him. Just like many other Kenyans, Ezekiel claimed that Omondi's show was not suitable for family consumption.

Other than the scandal revolving around the show, Omondi also made headlines following the outburst of his baby mama and media personality Jacque Maribe who accused him of being a deadbeat father.

The accusation led to Omondi exposing Maribe's dirty linen and publicly denying the child's paternity. Omondi accused Maribe of being in multiple sexual relationships and cast doubt on whether the child was his.

The self-proclaimed President of Comedy in Africa also made the headlines towards the end of 2021 when he picked a fight with Kenyan musicians accusing them of producing low-quality music.

Kabi waJesus

Kabi Wajesus made headlines early this year after he was accused of failing to take responsibility for a daughter he fathered with his cousin.

At first, Kabi refused to take responsibility for the child claiming that the child wasn't his. This forced the cousin to go to court which later ordered a DNA test be taken to prove the child's paternity. The DNA proved that Kabi was the father of the child identified as Abby and he later agreed to take responsibility.


Samidoh made headlines after politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu revealed that he was the father of her second-born son and accused him of not being a responsible father.

Karen's revelation later brought a series of controversies revolving around her, Samidoh and the singer's wife, Edday.

The revelation led to Samidoh publicly apologizing to his wife for cheating on her with Karen and subsequently allegedly silently begging Karen not to leave him.

Months after the scandal, Karen revealed that she was still in a relationship with Samidoh and that she was carrying his second child.

Asked why she got pregnant for the artiste again, she claimed that she was stupidly in love with the singer.

"That man is fertile. Children are blessings. Love is stupid," she said. 

Samidoh's wife is also rumoured to be pregnant at the same time Karen is pregnant with the singer's second child.

Willy Paul

It was a pretty quiet year for the Saldido boss until his first female signee Miss P accused him of sexually assaulting her.

Miss P accused Willy Paul of sexually assaulting her on several occasions weeks after she signed at Saldido music label.

Months after Miss P accused him of assaulting him, Diana Marua also accused the Sitolia hitmaker of attempting to sexually abuse her. Diana accused the singer of attempting to rape her at his house a few years ago.

Willy Paul has, however, denied the accusations noting that he and Diana were in a romantic relationship and that he never attempted to rape her.