Frankie Just Gym It apologizes to exes Maureen Waititu Corazon Kwamboka after father figure remarks

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On Fri, 15 Jul, 2022 16:11 | 3 mins read
Frankie Just Gym It
Frankie Just Gym It (center) and his baby mamas Maureen Waititu (left) and Corazon Kwamboka (right) PHOTOS/Instagram

Content creator Frankie Kiarie, alias Frankie Just Gym It has apologized to his baby mama Corazon Kwamboka over careless remarks he made during a recent interview.

In a sit-down interview with Lynn Ngugi, the content creator apologized for sharing vulnerable information publicly contrary to their agreement.

Access to kids

Frankie also thanked Corazon for granting him access to their kids and supporting him despite circumstances that led to their break up.

“Corazon I have loved you for a long time and will always do. It is unfortunate that things didn't work out the way they were supposed to. One thing I’m grateful for is that you still allow me access to the kids

“You always support me and I will always support you and for the situation that happened before, I fully apologize, that was not something that I should have mentioned, I hope you feel better and I love you,” he said.

Frankie Just Gym It
Fitness trainer Frankie Just Gym It and his baby mama Corazon Kwamboka PHOTO/@frankie_justgymit/Instagram

Frankie Just Gym It apology to Maureen Waititu

The father of four also apologized to his other baby mama, brand influencer Maureen Waititu for how he treated her after their break up.

Frankie noted that how he treated Maureen after the break up made it impossible for them a chance to co-parent peacefully.

“Maureen I’m definitely sorry for putting you through what you went through in terms of trying to cut you off. I should have treated you as the mother to my children instead of just someone I was with. You are special to me and to our children and you will always be valued,” he said.

The content creator added that he has not been able to see his kids since separating with the brand influencer.

“My mistake was I wanted to cut her off but I wanted the kids but I didn't understand they come as a package. I believe if I had handled the situation better today I would be able to see my kids,” Frankie said.

Maureen Waititu
Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu PHOTO/@frankie_justgymit/Instagram

Daddy issues statement

Frankie was recently under fire after linking his break up with Maureen and Corazon to lack of father figures in their lives.

He said Corazon’s father would show up only when he needed something from the socialite which latee compromised her love life.

“The two ladies I've been with, they didn't have the father figure and this is something Corazone and I have talked about it. She has never had a father figure, her dad was never there full time and when the dad would come around he would be asking for something

“To her, love had a condition; like when I go to her showing love it means I want something from her. So for me when I show her love, she tries to find a condition and so you have to over prove yourself in every situation,” he noted.

In response, Corazon called out Frankie for clout chasing by sharing her private information saying she was unimpressed that she confided in Frankie only for him to use the same information shared in vulnerability to chase clout.

“Imagine telling someone shit in private and in confidence with full vulnerability then they use it for clout #beendone

"If I start to talk no one will stop me. I choose to remain silent for the sake of my children because I know one day they'll be grown," she said.

Frankie Just Gym It
Frankie Just Gym It is a father of four PHOTO/@frankie_justgymit/Instagram