‘I’m c*mpletely broke’ – Frank Murugi opens up after parting ways with Kenyan wife

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On Sun, 27 Aug, 2023 18:03 | < 1 min read
‘I’m completely broke’ - Frank Murugi opens up after partying ways with Kenyan wife
Controversial Belgian TikToker Frank Murugi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Neluemrev Knarf famed for his TikTok account -Frank Murugi now - Frank Rhama says he was left 'completely broke' following his breakup with his Kenyan lover.

The controversial Belgian who has lived in Kenya for some time says three years after getting into a relationship with his baby mama, he is now in a financial crisis.

He claims he also came to a realization that he was channelling his love to the wrong person.

"After being with a Kikuyu lady for three years, I'm now completely broke. I realize I gave too much love to the wrong person" Frank Murugi wrote in a video where he appears to be in his feelings.

He however did not give more details about how much he has lost.

Notably, Frank Murugi is linked to drug trafficking crimes where he is accused of unlawfully obtaining Ksh435 million over the selling of cocaine in Belgium through the Port of Antwerp in 2015 which saw him get deported in 2020.

The foreigner was previously married to a 22-year-old Kenyan lady identified as Murugi whom he shares a daughter.

The two parted ways early this year and Frank popped up with his new lover - a West African lady only identified as Rhama. He announced his breakup with Murugi saying;

"I am not together with Murugi anymore. I travelled 12 hours back to Kenya to see my daughter as a responsible father. Kenia is my everything."

This comes barely days after the Rhama went berserk in an online attack on her co-wife Murugi.

Rhama took to Instagram to rant hurling a series of allegations including accusing her of practising witchcraft and detailing her sexual escapades.

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