Frank denies claims of reuniting with Kenyan ex-wife Murugi

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On Sun, 17 Sep, 2023 17:52 | 2 mins read
Belgian national Frank onlooking ex-wife Murugi. PHOTO/TikTok screengrab(@murugi_official)
Belgian national Frank onlooking ex-wife Murugi. PHOTO/TikTok screengrab(@murugi_official)

Controversial Belgian TikToker Neluemrev Knarf, formerly known as Frank Murugi, has vehemently denied claims that he has rekindled his romantic relationship with his ex-wife, Murugi.

These allegations arose after the two were spotted together at a birthday celebration for their daughter, Kenia.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Frank addressed the speculations head-on, asserting that his presence alongside Murugi during the birthday did not signify a romantic reconciliation.

Instead, he clarified that their collaboration was solely in the capacity of co-parents coming together to celebrate their daughter's special day.

"Just because me and Murugi cut the birthday cake together doesn't mean we are together. We are together as father and mother to give our daughter a good time. You write nonsense without knowing the real story," Frank wrote.

The latest comes amidst a backdrop of financial struggles for Frank Murugi, who claims to have been left completely destitute following his marriage to a Kenyan woman.

Frank bared his emotions and revealed a realization that he believes has come at a great personal cost.

"After being with a Kikuyu lady for three years, I'm now completely broke. I realize I gave too much love to the wrong person," Frank Murugi expressed.

Frank, Murugi, Rhama love triangle

In February, the Belgian national announced that he and Murugi had broken up after videos of him and his wife Rhama surfaced online creating outrage.

"I am not together with Murugi anymore. I travelled 12 hours back to Kenya to see my daughter as a responsible father. Kenia is my everything," he said.

In April, Frank shared a video of him and Rhama showcasing photos they took on different occasions celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

"We are married, and the year has been full of many beautiful memories also with ups and downs, but we are inseparable. I love you," Frank wrote.

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