Former Nairobi Diaries star Risper Faith reacts to claims that she edits her waist in photos

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 4 Apr, 2022 16:19 | < 1 min read
PHOTO/Risper Faith(@ladyrisper)/Instagram

Former Nairobi Diaries star Risper Faith has recently been accused of using exaggerated edits when posting her photos. This comes after blogger Edgar Obare shared two exact photos of her that looked different at the waist.

One of the photos had been posted on social media by Risper, while the other had been posted by a brand she works with.

She had a smaller waist in the one she posted compared to the one posted by the hair company and her fans were wondering why she was still editing her photos in that manner while she spent close to half a million Kenyan shillings for cosmetic surgery.

Risper has since then blocked comments from her posts on social media after she saw that the comments were becoming too much. According to her, after her first child, she gained weight and started going to the gym, but the results were slow. So she opted for a faster and more ‘permanent’ result.

“When my husband and I heard that we could get permanent results here, we were excited. At the cost of Sh450,000, we hoped for the best results and now see, soon my real curves will be showing. The truth is that I was scared of the procedure, but I gathered my courage so then I could go through it and get the required results,” Risper once said in an interview.

Apart from Risper Faith, content creator Murugi Munyi recently underwent liposuction, and she documents her healing process on social media. So far, Murugi says she loves her results.