Former MP Joyce Lay gets candid about her husband’s journey to salvation

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On Sun, 11 Jul, 2021 15:37 | 2 mins read
Former Women Rep Hon. Joyce Lay. PHOTO/FACEBOOK
Former Women Rep Hon. Joyce Lay. PHOTO/FACEBOOK

Former Taita Taveta County Woman Rep Joyce Lay has shared her relationship with her husband William Lay prior to him receiving Christ.

In a Facebook post, the former politician stated that she lived with fear and could not preach to him since his behaviour towards Christ portrayed him as an anti-Christ.

" I didn't preach to my husband. I couldn't. His behaviour towards Jesus, made me think, that he was an anti-Christ. He used to scare me sometimes. I lived in fear several times. Not knowing what kind of a person he was. One who didn't believe in God, Jesus or Salvation," ske wrote.

In the candid post, she revealed that she viewed him as the 'Saul' of this generation explaining how he despised the clergymen.

"He was a Saul of this generation, only that he didn't kill people of God physically. He despised preachers (Oh my God) Let me not even talk about that," she noted.

However, she says she is grateful to God for answering her prayers as William got saved on July 3, during her mother's burial.

"I have seen God answer prayers. After all the experiences, I stopped mentioning Jesus to him, and I continued praying. I turned my focus away from him and looked up unto God. I asked God to He himself deal with him. Bill's salvation started in his dreams.

Although he is struggling with the routine Sunday service, Joyce says she is hopeful he will adjust. This, she noted as she encouraged people who are struggling with their spouses noting that; "One day, Jesus Himself will bring a turnaround. God is faithful. He hears prayers."

"The God who saved Bill will give him the Holy Spirit to help him. We can't rush him. Especially into going to Church. He does not understand it yet. This is the work of God, and we have to allow him to finish it. I want to encourage everyone out there, pls don't give up praying for your spouse. One day, Jesus Himself will bring a turnaround. God is faithful. He hears prayers," she wrote in conclusion.

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