Five Kenyan women celebrities who cannot be stopped by obstacles

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On Tue, 8 Mar, 2022 12:45 | 3 mins read
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The world is celebrating women today for all their achievements and their existence in general. This day holds more significance than just unveiling what women, have to offer.

With Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow as this year's theme, we parade Kenyan ladies whose efforts need to be highlighted.

They have gone through it all, but still, that didn't stop them from achieving their dreams.

Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon is one of the ladies we are celebrating today. For the longest time, Corazon suffered from fibroids. She revealed that her doctor told her that the chances of her ever getting pregnant are very minimal but today, she's a mother of two healthy babies.

Worth the celebration right? Despite her separation from her baby daddy, Frankie, Corazon is just doing fine and raising her children.


If there's a woman that will always be celebrated, then it definitely has to be Akothee. Akothee is a woman who knows how to get paid. She is always getting brand deals and her advertising is A1, despite raising 5 kids "solo".

Her Rongo and Mombasa houses are goals. She is never tired, as she is always working. Since she was named one of the richest celebrities in Kenya, you'd expect her to stop, right? No. She's still working and partnering with different brands.

Nana Owiti

Last year, King Kaka made headlines after revealing that he was suffering from an unknown illness. He actually went public with the news once he started feeling a little bit better. He recalled how his wife, Nana Owiti didn't abandon him. Nana was working at Switch TV at the time as a host for the Talk Show Chat Spot.

Nana Owiti and her husband King Kaka.

Nana in an Instagram post recalled how she could cry in the makeup room and then host the show as if nothing is happening. We are not sure if King Kaka has fully recovered but all we know is he's doing much better and he has an amazing wife. Not all women would do what Nana did, chances of them walking out of the marriage would have been slightly high but Nana stayed.

Aggie the Dance Queen

Speaking of King Kaka, have you listened to his new song, wasi wasi? A heavily pregnant Aggy the Dance Queen graced the video with some of the most amazing dance moves. We have to applaud her for going all the way! The video has more than 100,000 views on Youtube and her presence definitely played a part.

Yummy Mummy

Murugi Munyi alias Yummy Mummy recently turned 32 years old. She said for her 32nd birthday, she wanted to gift herself cosmetic surgery and true to her words, she did it. We are celebrating Murugi Munyi for her bold step. Not everyone is pro-cosmetic surgery but today we choose not to judge.

Happy international women’s day!

Who are you celebrating?