‘Women love me and I love women’ – Fatxo dismisses gay allegations

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On Tue, 23 May, 2023 12:59 | 2 mins read
'Justice will prevail' - DJ Fatxo speaks on ongoing probe into Jeff Mwathi's demise
Mwomboko artist Lawrence Njuguna alias DJ Fatxo. PHOTO/Facebook

Mugithi artiste Lawrence Njuguna alias DJ Fatxo has come out to refute allegations that he is gay.

Speaking during an interview with a local publication, Fatxo maintained that he has never belonged to the LGBTQ community and has no intention of doing so.

He insisted that the whole narrative was created by some of his haters with the intent to use it against him in the murder of Jeff Mwathi.

In the case that was dropped, Fatxo was accused of sexually abusing Mwathi before pushing him from his apartment.

"I have never been, I'll never be and I am not, I'll tell you for a fact that I am very spiritual na familia yetu ni familia inaogopa Mungu sana. Kwetu kuchora tatoo ni hatia, even after nimeenda show zangu za majuu zote n hii usanii yangu penye imekua,

"Hii story yote ati mi ni gay, they were building their story, they knew this case is not going to take me anywhere because they knew very well I have not killed Jeff. I am not guilty and they knew and they knew that I know, believe me or not about being gay, women love me and I love women" he added.

The artiste further expressed disappointment that all the women he has ever dated did not come to his defence when the gay allegations came out. He narrated that he was attempted to leak his nudes to prove that he was not gay as claimed.

"I did not start posting my girlfriend because people said I am gay. What pisses me off is the musicians we hang out with I have ever touched them. It was the most painful thing to me, I expected all the ladies I have had relations with to come out and confirm I am not gay. I was tempted to leak nudes." he added.

Other rumours

He also dispelled rumours that he was being funded by a tycoon to buy the material things he owned such as luxurious cars.

Fatxo affirmed that he bought the car on loans and is still finishing his payment. He refuted claims that he has ever been funded by other senior government officials.

"Vile nilinunua Mercedes watu walisema nimenunuliwa gari na Sabina Chege. Mimi Sabina Chege namjua na namheshimu sana lakini hatuna uhusiano wa karibu," he added.

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