Dancer Ezra FBI links several abortions to break up with ex-lover Isha Raffi

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On Mon, 8 Aug, 2022 11:52 | 2 mins read
Dancer Ezra FBI and ex-lover Isha Raffi PHOTO/@ezrafbi/Instagram

Internet sensation and dancer Ezra FBI has opened up on his break up with his ex-girlfriend, Isha Raffi.

Raffi, a model and socialite wannabe, broke up with the dancer and even threw a lavish party to celebrate their split.

Ezra FBI and Isha Raffi break up

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Ezra stated that he broke up with Raffi because she was not ready to settle down with him.

He claimed that the Instagram model aborted five of his pregnancies with the first abortion done in 2017 and the latest in April 2022.

It is because of this that the dancer broke up with Raffi whom he now describes as a murderer.

“I told her let’s settle down, let’s have a family but she was not ready to settle down, that’s why maybe ilikua akipata mimba anakimbia kutoa. Lakini hii iliniuma sana kwa sababi ilikua kubwa

“Tulikua tumepanga kufanya mpaka reveal but alitoa. Nikaamua now kila mtu aende njia yake na hapo ndio tukaachana, kila mtu akaenda njia yake peacefully,” Ezra said.

Isha Raffi PHOTO/@isha_raffi/Instagram

Isha Raffi throws break up party

This comes days after Raffi revealed plans to throw a party at a local entertainment joint in the city to celebrate the split.

Speaking with YouTuber Mungai Eve, she accused Ezra of being toxic, adding that she had promised herself to celebrate their separation.

Raffi claimed that the relationship was damaging and she thanked God that she finally shook it off her life, the reason why she was celebrating.

“This is the new thing because kupendana raha, kuachana ni sherehe. Hakuna time ya makasiriko. Mimi niliachana na huyu kijana like six months ago and nilikua nimejipromise nikiachana nayeye I will celebrate because it's like God amenirelease from the shackle of a toxic person,” she said.

Ezra FBI new lover

Ezra recently shared that she found a new lover identified as Edijah Mwai.

He disclosed that they met at a youth conference months ago, adding that she is more loving than all the women he has dated before.

"She is more loving and she makes me understand the true meaning of love is a beautiful thing… She is beautiful in and out and God-fearing and knows how to take care of a man,” he said.

He also revealed plans to settle down with her.

Ezra FBI
Dancer Ezra FBI and his new lover PHOTO/@ezrafbi/Instagram

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