Esther Musila on how she was affected by her mother’s death

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On Mon, 3 Oct, 2022 15:53 | 2 mins read
Esther Musila PHOTO/@esther.musila/Instagram

Gospel singer Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Musila has opened up on her mother’s death and how it affected her.

A while ago, Musila disclosed that her mother died a few years ago after falling ill.

Esther Musila mother’s death

In her most recent interview, Musila disclosed that her mother passed away after she spent the weekend with her.

She noted that her mother was diabetic although she did not show any signs of being ill.

"The death of my mum is the biggest thing that has ever taken a toll on me. We visited her after a neighbor had passed on and so we attended her burial," Musila noted.

Musila hailed her mother as her pillar of strengthand someone that she looked up to.

Esther Musila on how her mother’s death affected her

The mother of three also spoke on how she was affected by the loss.

Musila said that she dealt with stress, adding that she lost some weight while grieving following her mother’s demise.

"I used to be affected coz I used to call her every day at 11 am. So every day after she died, I used to burst out since it was a routine. I celebrated her more for the life she lived. I know she is at a good place,” she said.

Esther Musila
Esther Musila PHOTO/@esther.musila/Instagram

Late mother meeting Guardian Angel

In other news, Musila shared her heartfelt tribute to the late mom saying her only wish was for her mother to meet Guardian Angel.

She said her mom would be so proud of her and happy to see her embrace marriage again.

"Mum, I honestly wish you had lived a little longer to meet the most wonderful man in my life now. I know you'd be so happy to see me in this new space and I bet you me, we would have been singing your favourite hymns together," Musila wrote.

Esther Musila
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila PHOTO/@esther.musila/Instagram