Eric Omondi’s Wife Material winner doesn’t mind him cheating on her

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 24 Oct, 2021 17:42 | < 1 min read
A photo collage of Wife material 3 winner Ayen Monica with other contestants. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Cheating isn’t a deal-breaker for Monica Ayen the South Sudanese model Eric Omondi picked as his wife.

This, she said in an interview on Youtube where she noted that Eric is too funny and it would be so easy to take women to bed.

"I wouldn't be surprised if I caught him with another woman, he is a comedian, he is too funny he can take you to bed. For a woman it's easy to seduce a man, I wouldn't be too hurt. Don't have too many expectations in a relationship else you end up disappointed. Just be prepared," she stated.

"Eric is dedicated to his job. Once he settles down he will settle down he is not two-faced. He is a good guy once the cameras go off," she added.

The international model revealed that her only deal breaker would be dishonesty and lies.

"If a person is communicating and telling me the truth why should I bother him? Sipendi kukazia mtu so let's be honest with each other," she stated.

This comes shortly after Ayen was crowned Wife material season 3 winner to beat seven other contestants.

In his message, Eric Omondi could not hide his joy as he promised his new queen that he’s ready to be a good husband.

“I cannot wait to make beautiful babies with you. You are not only a supermodel, but you possess a super heart. You compliment me, baby. Furthermore, you complete me, my love. Thank you, South Sudan, for giving me a queen, for making me a King,” Omondi said.