‘Will help him secure a job’ – Eric Omondi says after visiting man dramatically arrested during demos

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On Fri, 21 Jul, 2023 10:04 | < 1 min read
'Will help him secure a job' - Eric Omondi says after visiting man dramatically arrested during demos
Photo collage of Eric Omondi with Victor Juma who was dramatically arrested on Wednesday, July 18, 2023 during anti-government protests. PHOTO/Screengrab

Self-proclaimed President of comedy Africa Eric Omondi has offered to help Victor Juma - the man whose dramatic arrest on Wednesday, July 18, 2023, went viral.

Juma was arrested in Mathare during anti-governmental protests while castigating police officers for firing teargas at children saying his daughter was allegedly among those affected.

"Here I am, you can shoot me...who are you pointing at? Our children are suffering while you point at us. Do what you want but remember you too have kids," Juma said.


"Do you want to kill my child? My child has now fainted! I'm wearing sandals because I just left my house. I don't have any weapon."

Shortly after, an officer in plain clothes who was masquerading as a photographer was instructed to make a swift arrest before escorting Juma to a heavily guarded police vehicle.

The incident caught the attention of netizens with the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) terming it grave unprofessional misconduct by the police.

Eric Omondi was among those who went to visit Juma in the cell who seemed lively as he received the comedian.

In a video shared on social media, Omondi said he is also planning to get him a job after securing his release.

"Finally met Victor Juma, the guy arrested while crying for his child who was teargassed in Mathare. We are planning to get him out and help him secure a job," he said.

On his part, Juma thanked Omondi saying; "Asante kwa kukuja tunataka watu kama nyinyi."

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