Eric Omondi refutes claims of getting intimate with any of 15 contestants on ‘wife material’ show

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 9 Jul, 2021 07:41 | 2 mins read
Comedian Eric Omondi. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM
Comedian Eric Omondi. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Award-winning comedian Eric Omondi has denied claims of getting intimate with any of the 15 contestants on his controversial reality show Wife material.

Speaking during an interview with BTG News on Youtube, Omondi noted that he dared not to sleep with any of these women as he wanted to maintain the momentum of the show to keep it running for a longer period of time.

This, he said as he revealed that apart from his technical team, Eric was the only man amongst the 15 women and the production of the show would finish at around 10 pm at night.

"Men are quite different from women. When you are in one house with 15 women, there is a lot that goes on in that house. Remember am one mad with only two cameramen and a soundman. The recording was scheduled to finish at around 10 pm From the moment the production is done, I'm left with all the ladies because I am their host," he stated.

" For 'Wife material' to be successful, I cannot touch or show that I favour one girl to the rest of the contestants. That would be the end of the show since women are really sensitive. I don't know-how but in case I sleep with one girl the rest would know and jeopardize the objective of the show," he said in conclusion.

The allegations were raised by one contestant, socialite Shakilla who even claimed to have been impregnated by the comedian.

The controversial show that has been cancelled twice is expected to air soon for season 3.

Earlier in March 2021, Wife Material was cancelled by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) noting that Omondi had not submitted the said content for classification by the board.

The agency stated that Omondi violated provisions of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya.

“No film or class of film shall be distributed, exhibited, or broadcast, either publicly or privately, unless the Board has examined it and issued a certificate of approval in respect thereof,” says the Film Board’s Plays Act.

Alongside Wife Material show contestants, Eric was arrested and later they were all freed on Ksh 50,000.

Season 2 which was expected to air on Monday, May 24, was also cancelled with Eric reporting to netizens that the show was disrupted by a ‘rogue’ contestant.

” Unfortunately, one of the contestants went completely and utterly ‘rogue’ and despite numerous attempts to control the situation, the atmosphere in the house has not been conducive for the show to continue, ” Eric stated.