Eric Omondi recalls how he was unceremoniously fired from KTN after his show flopped terribly

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On Sat, 30 Jul, 2022 12:13 | 2 mins read
'They didn't even want refund' Eric Omondi recalls how he was unceremoniously fired from KTN after his show flopped terribly
Eric Omondi. PHOTO/Eric (@ericomondi)/Instagram.

Comedian Eric Omondi was hired by KTN after Churchill Show went on a break for nearly two years. His show however flopped badly leading to his dismissal.

Eric started his career with a brief stint as a news reporter for NTV Kenya before meeting Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill in 2006.

He broke into the limelight in 2008 after he made an appearance on NTV's Churchill Show. A few years later, Eric left Churchill Show to host his own comedy show called Hawayuni which aired on KTN but was short-lived.

The comedian narrated how Hawayuni terribly flopped while speaking during a recent interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali.

Eric said Hawayuni aired for only two episodes before KTN pulled the plug on it because of his subper

"It was two episodes, the shortest show in East Africa," he said.

Eric revealed that KTN approached him to host a comedy show on the station after Churchill Show went on a long break leaving him broke and without a job.

He confessed that he hurriedly grabbed the opportunity to bag the contract with KTN to host Hawayuni without taking time to come up with a comprehensive plan for the show.

"So nlikua very famous si Churchill akenda break ya one and a half year akarudi Classic FM. Sasa mimi nkabaki hapo na fame yangu iko kule juu. Haikuchukua ata siku mbili simu ndo hio KTN 'hallo, we were told Churchill has taken a break what will you be doing? Tunataka kukupea show'. Akemention hela, hio hela ilikua nzuri.

"Wakaniuliza 'we are thinking so you come in we prepare we start next month'. Nkamwambia no no no. Nkadanganya. Mi nahitaji hela 'nkasema mimi nimekua na concept, nimekua na show ata nimekua nkiandika, tuanze next week'. Nataka hela maanake nyumba imefungwa nini. Nikaanza the followig week sina jina, sina concept sina anything," Eric said.

Eric Omondi shown the door

The comedian revealed that KTN terminated their contract with him after only two episodes and that they didn't even demand a refund.

He admits that Hawayuni was so terrible because he had to plan everything by himself and still perform for an hour, unlike at Churchill Show where he was never involved in the planning and only performed for three minutes.

"The first episode was so bad, so bad ata hawakuipeleka hewani. Nkasema the second one will be better. The second episode was the worst kushinda ile ya kwanza. Wakasema tumekupa hela ya three months, hatuitaki," Eric said.

After Eric Omondi, Teacher Wanjiku also suffered a similar fate after she left Churchill Show to host her own comedy show on Citizen TV.

In February 2014, the comedienne suffered terrible humiliation when Citizen TV cancelled her show after only airing a single episode.

The show had been hyped for weeks, but unfortunately, it received severe backlash from Kenyans leading to its cancellation.

According to Teacher Wanjiku, that was one of the lowest points of her life. She had to pull back from appearing on TV to rethink her strategy.

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