‘Repent or perish’ – Eric Omondi takes swipe at Kenyan gospel musicians

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On Sun, 5 Feb, 2023 20:56 | 2 mins read
'Repent or perish' – Eric Omondi lectures gospel musicians in angry outburst
Comedian Eric Omondi PHOTO/@ericomondi/Instagram

Comedian Eric Omondi has taken a swipe at gospel artistes in the country with what he terms a "message from God."

Omondi in a video called out the musicians outing a few alleged ugly realities attached to the gospel industry.

While reminiscing about the days of Groove Awards and naming a few big names, he claims the industry that was the identity of the country has lost its glory.

"Where is Daddy Owen, where is Jimmy Gait, where is Mercy Masika, where is Alice Kamande, where is Gloria Muliro, where is Eunice Njeri, Kambua what are you doing?" he piqued in his lengthy outburst.


"The gospel industry was the identity of Kenyan music but they have all fallen and the church has let down Kenyans. Gospel artistes have more scandals than secular musicians. You have left the Ministry, you have left God, and you have left the church, you will never succeed," he claimed.

Further, Omondi called out Bahati asking him to go back to his initial calling when he used to sing songs like 'Mama' and 'Barua'.

"Bahati left gospel for secular and is hanging onto his YouTube channel with his wife. Wachana na politics! Bro, come back to God. Give us songs that are inspired by God, songs that moved nations and influence the youth," he added.

In his message to Jimmy Gait, he faulted him for operating an agency that helps ship Kenyan women for domestic labour in gulf countries.

"Jimmy Gait is currently taking women to Saudi Arabia for work, where most are mistreated. Come back to your ministry. Uliacha kuimba now you are broke."

While linking some gospel singers to sexual immorality, he pleaded with the musicians to go back to their initial callings.

"The most immoral people in Kenya are former gospel artistes. The rise of homosexuality is because of you. We have lost our touch with God, return to God! You've turned Kenyan into Sodom and Gomorrah."