Emotional Nadia Mukami calls out Jalang’o for revealing her pregnancy

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 7 Jan, 2022 10:00 | < 1 min read
Photo grid of comedian Jalang'o (left) and Nadia Mukami (right). PHOTO/COURTESY

Award-winning singer Nadia Mukami has called out radio personality Jalang'o for revealing her pregnancy.

In a video which the singer posted to her Instagram stories, Nadia expressed her disdain following Jalango's behaviour even after Nadia's boyfriend Arrow Bwoy called him out.

In the clip, Nadia is clearly pissed off and even gets emotional saying that the controversial personality invaded their privacy and took their trust for a foul.

"What you did was low, demeaning and disrespectful. You invited me to your house, if you invited me it means you trust me with your privacy," she stated.

"You said what you said and you are not sorry about it. I don't care how many people are gassing you whatever you did was wrong. Did you invite us to your private space to open your mouth and justify it?

Nadia got emotional while revealing that she, however, lost her unborn child stating;

" We have been through a lot, we have our angel in heaven."

"We have our own reasons as to why we keep our things to ourselves."

Jalang'o shared the unverified news during his morning radio show where he claimed that he has seen Nadia’s growing tummy and advised her not to hide her pregnancy anymore.

“Nadia should stop wearing sweaters to hide her pregnancy. She should unveil the pregnancy,” Jalang’o said.

Adding: ” You know they (Nadia and her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy) met me at home and I saw the tummy protruding.”

The Lang’ata Constituency MP aspirant further suggested that the pop artiste is trying to hide the baby bump in order to create time for a good “baby bump shoot”.