Edith Kimani says her announcement on search for a ‘mubaba’ was misunderstood

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 24 Jan, 2022 10:42 | < 1 min read

Media personality Edith Kimani has come out to speak over what she termed as a misunderstanding on her 'search for mubaba' announcement on Instagram.

Edith who says the announcement has since taken a hilarious twist, claims most people have now camped in her DMs with their different versions of understanding.

Categorising them into two, Edith says some are offering to sponsor her while the rest who are ladies are looking out for a potential hookup to the said 'sponsors'

It all began when she asked to be linked to men perceived as 'sponsors' for a broadcast interview.

"I need your help!!!! looking for that mubaba. Someone who you would describe as a 'sponsor' or 'mubaba' - or who is aligned to the lifestyle and is happy to finance it; even if they are not currently doing it. They don't necessarily have to be married." she wrote.

"Catch is; they have to be willing to talk to me on camera for broadcast," she added.

Yesterday, while giving an update on the same, she asked netizens to revisit the fine print for context.

"And quick update on the mubabas, the search for mubabas, I'm still searching. Nyinyi watu mko kwa DMs half of you are asking me to send you the applicants, and half of you are offering your services as a mubaba to me, please someni fine print!" she stated.