Drama as DJ Mo, Ringtone clash at Size 8’s album launch event

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On Mon, 14 Feb, 2022 11:49 | < 1 min read
Ringtone and Size 8's husband DJ Moh

There was drama on Sunday at Panari Hotel during the launch of Size 8's new album to an extent that Ringtone and DJ Mo almost exchanged blows.

The trouble started when Ringtone forced his way to the pulpit where pastors were to dedicate the album to God.

At the pulpit, Ringtone was told that only pastors were allowed there, and this did not go well with him as he claimed he was equally a minister.

The Zoea Mawe hitmaker was forced to leave the pulpit and he went straight to address the press outside the hotel before he was stopped and frogmarched away from the launch venue by DJ Mo.

"I went to the stage and Size 8 chased me away. I want to tell Size 8 that I have an anointing that has sustained me this long. We also have an anointing to dedicate her album.

"It is not vaseline or kerosine, what I have had for all those years is the anointing of God," he told the media.

He also claimed to have prepared a Ksh200, 000 cash he was to give Size 8 as a gift.

"I wanted to give her Ksh200,000 but Size 8 has not shown me the respect I deserve.

"I'm a servant of God. I'm not someone you can throw out of the stage. God's finger is on me. I'm an anointed. Those pastors don't even help us get to where we should be, yet they are elevated above everyone else," he added.

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