‘Sisi hupigana home’ DJ Mo, Size 8 come clean about their ‘chaotic’ marriage

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'Sisi hupigana home' DJ Mo, Size 8 come clean about their 'chaotic' marriage
Size 8 and DJ Mo during a press conference. PHOTO/Screengrab.

Celebrity couple DJ Mo and Size 8 have revealed all is well between them amid reports that their marriage has hit rock bottom.

It was recently reported that Size 8 left her matrimonial home and took the kids with her after clashing with her husband.

The couple has however come out to clarify that all is well between them in spite of all the reports going around about them separating.

Speaking to Vloggers, DJ Mo and Size 8 emphasized that they are a normal couple and that they have their ups and downs.

"Tumekuwa na mingi (lowest moments) because you see one thing about us we don't pretend. Ukiangalia what we post sometimes kama tuko low, kama tunaletana juu ama we want to put point across, tunataka kuonyesha wasee tunakuanga na highs, tuko na lows. Tunafight, tunacheka. Low moments basically ni zile za online unaona msee amesema kitu they haven't verified they just want to get clicks. Low moments ni most ni kadhaa but highs zimekua the most," DJ Mo said.

Size 8 said they have been working to better their marriage over years. She revealed that she used to lock DJ Mo out of their matrimonial house and that city preacher Rev Cathy Kiuna even intervened at one point.

"We are a normal couple as in kitambo nilikua na ujinga. Beb unakumbuka venye nlikua nafunga mlango. Mo alikua anakuja ananipata nimefunga mlango nimelala. Kuna siku ata Cathy Kiuna alinipigia akaniambia 'mama fungulia bwanako mlango'," Size 8 said.

DJ Mo says they fight a lot

DJ Mo further wondered why other celebrity couples don't talk about their disagreements on social media, revealing that Size 8 and him fight a lot.

"Hizi couples ziko kwa social media unashangaa unaona mupiganangi? Sisi hupigana home, kwani hao wapiganangi?" DJ Mo said.

Size 8 added that;

"Kuna time mi na Mo hatuongeleshanangi by the way. Kiburi yangu imepanda kiburi yake imepanda kiburi imejaa kwa nyumba mbaka ni kama ina smell alafu tunarepent tunaenda mbele ya Mungu tunasema sorry tunarudiana tunaongeleshana. But sasa ujinga ilireduce, tume mature."

DJ Mo and Size 8's troubled marriage

Size 8 and DJ Mo’s marriage has not been a bed of roses, they have been affected by infidelity and bitter disagreements.

Mo and Size 8 tied the knot in a secretive and private ceremony at the Attorney General’s office on September 23, 2013.

The celebrity couple has battled several challenges in their marriage just like any other normal spouse.

Speaking during an interview with Kiss FM, Size 8 opened up about a major disagreement with her husband in 2016.

The mother of two revealed that sometime in 2016 she locked DJ Mo out of their house and threw out his belongings.

She acknowledged the fact that at the time she was not mature enough to handle domestic squabbles calmly.

Size 8 also narrated another disagreement in 2018 which resulted in her moving out of their family house and renting her own apartment.

“I’ve moved out…In 2018 nilitoka nikapack na nikaget hao yangu,” she revealed.

Size 8 however didn’t talk about the infidelity that happened in her marriage.

In October 2020, DJ Mo was exposed for having extra-marital affairs with a manicurist working in Bahrain identified as Margaret Wanyama.

Wanyama through blogger Edgar Obare said she had been dating the DJ Mo for a while and at some point was pregnant for him. She allegedly terminated the pregnancy.

DJ Mo and Margaret Wanyama when they were having an affair. PHOTO/Edgar Obare.

In January 2021, Margaret Wanyama revealed that DJ Mo and her had a platonic relationship after they smashed in 2016. She claimed that she had a boyfriend and the mix master went back to being loyal to his wife Size 8.

“We smashed one time that was in 2016 but we became friends. He has a wife and I have a man. I did clear that story,” Margaret Wanyama said.

Margaret Wanyama addresses her affair with DJ MO. PHOTO/Margaret Wanyama (@margaret9079).

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