PHOTOS: Did Akothee skip her sister’s bridal shower?

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On Mon, 5 Dec, 2022 08:57 | 3 mins read
PHOTOS: Akothee no show at her sister's bridal shower, set to stay away from her wedding as well
Cebbie during her bridal shower. PHOTO/Instagram (@cebbie_koks_nyasego)

Akothee might have kept her word and skipped her sister Elseba Awuor Kokeyo alias Cebbie Koks' bridal shower which was held over the weekend, going by photos coming from the event.

Cebbie during her bridal shower. PHOTO/Instagram (@cebbie_koks_nyasego)

Cebbie was on Saturday, December 3, 2022, treated to a lavish bridal shower by her friends ahead of her wedding which is set for this month.

"Everyone's dream is to have a beautiful energy around them. Love you all ladies for pulling such amazing surprise one.❤️❤️❤️," Cebbie wrote on Instagram where she flaunted photos from the event.

Cebbie with her friends during the bridal shower, PHOTO/Instagram (@cebbie_koks_nyasego)

As she had previously hinted, in a video and screenshots of her social media posts which are in our possession, Akothee seemingly failed to attend her estranged sister's bridal shower because of their ongoing feud. Even so, the singer's firstborn daughter Vesha Okello was in attendance.

Vesha Okello with her aunt Cebbie during her bridal shower. PHOTO/Instagram (@cebbie_koks_nyasego)


Notably, Akothee and her fiancé Omondi are set to get married in 2023 after they pushed their wedding from December 2022 citing family wrangles.

The mother of five had clashed with her younger sister Cebbie after it turned out that both of them had slated their weddings for December.

Cebbie with her friends during the bridal shower. PHOTO/Instagram (@cebbie_koks_nyasego)

While angrily lashing out at her family and Cebbie in a video she shared on social media where she explained the genesis of her strained relationship with her younger sister, Akothee revealed that she was pressured to postpone her wedding by family members.

She further revealed that she would not be attending Cebbie Kok's wedding in December due to their strained relationship.

"For this matter, you won't see her at my functions or me at any of her functions, however, we remain blood sisters, we shall for sure meet in other family gatherings if they still feel I am part of them. But if this message has also damaged the relationship between me and the rest of the innocent family members we dragged into our relationship a lot, I will accept their decisions and the outcome of how this will end," Akothee said.

The mother of five complained that being the bigger sister in her family made life difficult for her as she got misused severally.

"Again being the bigger sibling things were forced down my throat. I accepted being bigger until I was reduced to a doormat," she said.

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