Diana Marua isn’t important – Obinna says after she ‘stole his idea’

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On Mon, 14 Mar, 2022 17:10 | 1 min read
Oga Obinna accusses Diana Marua of coping his idea in her YouTube Channel. PHOTO/COURTESY

Newly-hired Kiss FM radio presenter Oga Obinna has finally responded to claims that Diana Marua has copied his idea for her youtube show, Cook and reveal.

In an interview with an online entertainment site, Obinna said he doesn’t have an issue with Diana copying his idea and he respects her hustle.

Obinna said that he has received a lot of DMs from his followers regarding the issue but he can’t stop her since Diana's show doesn’t have the ‘Obinna factor' in it.

"I was DM'd the part that was shared online of her eating with Ringtone. I saw it and was like, wait a minute this is Kulacooler show," Obinna said.

"I respect the hustle and I don't have an issue with it. Someone told me she was cooking and they were eating in the kitchen or something. I can't stop her even if she does my show. The thing is, there is no Obinna's factor in it," Obinna said.

The funnyman was also asked if he had a beef with Diana for copying his idea and he replied by noting that Diana was not an important person to beef over such matters.

"Why would I beef with Diana Marua. I beef with important people. To me, she is not important," he said.

All this comes after curious fans identified a spectacular resemblance between Diana's show and that of Obinna.

In Obinna’s show, Kulacooler, the comedian interviews guests on various issues while they are eating either in a restaurant or at his place and if you are keen, that is basically what Diana is also doing on her show though on her show she interviews her guests in her kitchen. The shows also have different names.

Diana Marua is yet to respond to the claims that she stole Obinna’s idea.

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