Diana Marua: I dated men for money

By Brian Okoth On Tue, 27 Oct, 2020 15:22 | < 1 min read
Diana Marua, the wife of musician Bahati. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
Diana Marua, the wife of musician Bahati. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Diana Marua, the wife of gospel-turned-contemporary musician Bahati, has opened up about her past, saying she dated men for money in her early twenties.

Marua says she is “not proud” of that past.

“At some point, I used to date guys for money,” she said in a video uploaded on her YouTube page on Monday, October 26.

The mother-of-two says she felt the need to be financially supported because “I [had] lacked the whole of my life”.

“All I wanted, was to live well; I dated people for money. I dated someone who used to pay my rent; I had someone who would shop for my house, and one who would buy me clothes and another one who would take me out,” she said.

“In my early twenties, money for me was not a problem (sic),” added Marua, who revealed she was a paramour of a married man for years.

Artiste Bahati, whose real name is Kevin Kioko, and Diana Marua exchanged wedding vows on October 20, 2017.

The two are blessed with two children — 2-year-old daughter, Heaven Bahati, and one-year-old son, Majesty Bahati.

After Diana Marua revealed recently that she dated men for money, her spouse, Bahati, took to Instagram to support her, saying almost everyone in the world has a past that he or she is not proud of, and should, therefore, not be ashamed of speaking about it.

“I love the way you (Diana Marua) are so genuine, and I am happy that you do not pretend to look perfect,” said Bahati on Instagram Monday.

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