Diana Marua on the spot for failing to keep promise to lady who got tattoo of her face

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On Thu, 14 Jul, 2022 12:34 | 3 mins read
Diana Marua
Content creator Diana Marua and Rose Waithira PHOTO/@diana_marua/Instagram

Content creator and rapper Diana Marua has been put on the spot for failing to fulfill a promise she made to a lady who got a tattoo of her face.

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Rose Waithira said the mother of two is yet to take her to school as promised.

She says Diana promised to reach out to her in order to plan her enrollment for school but she has not heard from the latter since then.

“Our agreement was when she comes back she would say the specific time I’d join the school, that was the agreement,” an emotional Rose said.

Diana Marua
Content creators Diana Marua and Milly Chebby PHOTO/@diana_marua/Instagram

Fulfill the promise

Rose claimed that she is being trolled over failure by the content creator to keep the promise, urging her to sort it out to save her from the trolls.

She, however, clarified that she has no problem with Diana.

“I have no problem with Diana, I still love her and I’m still waiting for her to reach out so that we sort this issue out once and for all so that people can stop trolling me. Let her just fulfill the promise,” Rose said.

Rose gets tattoo of Diana Marua

In March, Rose sparked mixed reactions online after sharing photos showing a tattoo of Diana’s face on her back.

On why she for the tattoo, she explained that the rapper was her favourite celebrity and role model as well.

"She got my back, she happens to be my favourite human," Rose said.

Rose said she started following Diana from the first day she opened her YouTube channel, adding that she is blessed with a giving and loving heart.

"I have been following you since you opened your first YouTube channel, the content you display there is so amazing and I have always wished to be like you. I have always loved your personality and decided to have your face tattooed on my back so that you would be closer to me always,” she stated.

Diana Marua
Rose Waithira showing off a tattoo of Diana Marua's face on her back PHOTO/@rosewaithira2021/Instagram

Diana Marua meets Rose

Diana later visited Rose in Githurai where she stayed and spent some tome with her as seen in a video on the content creator’s YouTube channel.

Following their meeting Diana promised to help her out with rent, college education, and finding a job.

“Rose did a tattoo of me on her back, and it was all over. So many people called her for interviews. I commented on her page and told her to allow me to breathe first because I could not believe it
"I was waiting for people to cool off from social media before coming to meet you, and finally, I am here, so speechless," Diana said.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua PHOTO/@diana_marua/Instagram