Diana Marua explains why she hasn’t moved into her new house

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 25 Feb, 2022 16:01 | < 1 min read
Singer Bahati with his wife Diana Marua flaunting their new multi million mansion. PHOTO/Bahati(@bahatikenya/Instagram

I’m pretty sure you have been wondering why Diana Marua hasn’t moved into her new mansion, right? Well, the mother of two recently explained why she is still living in her old house.

Taking to her Instagram, Diana explained that the reason was that the kids are still in school and once school closes, they will be able to move.

"The reason why we have actually not yet moved is because of school. Let's just put it out there because mnasema 'ooh! Ni fake, ni fake. It's because of school. Babies are still in school but I thank God that they are doing their exams right now. So after exams, they will be closing on March 3. I think by 10th we should have moved in here and settled down completely," Diana Marua said.

The Bahati’s residence, as Diana likes to call it, was gifted to her by her husband Bahati on Valentine’s day. The two embarked on a ‘5 days of love with the Bahati’s’ journey on Youtube where they were gifting each other and sharing the videos on Youtube.

When it was time to gift Diana, Bahati teased that Diana’s followers weren’t ready for the gift and true to his words, we weren’t. After gifting her a new car, he gave her a fully furnished house that the two are yet to move in because ‘babies are still in school’.

The Bahati’s are known for their gifting culture. Every year during Valentine’s, these couple gifts each other some of the obnoxious gifts that their fans find hard to believe.