Diana Marua accuses Willy Paul of attempting to rape her

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 9 Dec, 2021 19:46 | 3 mins read
A screengrab of a video by content creator Diana Marua where she accused Willy Paul of attempting to rape her. PHOTO/COURTESY

Youtuber and rapper Diana Marua on Thursday, December 9 released a bombshell in an emotional and tearful video accusing musician Willy Paul Msafi of attempting to rape her years ago.

Taking to her official YouTube channel, in a video titled #DIANABAHATI speaks, the mother of two recalled how the musician almost took advantage of her three years ago.

Tearful and overpowered by emotions, Diana fought tears while recalling how Willy Paul was touchy and all over her even after she turned down his sexual advances.

According to Diana, Willy Paul has been chasing clout by peddling rumours online that he has slept with her.

"I am still in shock and disbelief that someone would go to any extent to clout chase using my name, you drag me to your nonsense so that you can get people to listen to you, to watch your music because things are not working for you," Diana said.

The content creator further accused Willy Paul of lying to the public, stating that the JigiJigi hitmaker has resorted to rumour-mongering to sell his album. She further revealed that she chose to come clean on the matter after her fans and friends advised her to state her side of the story.

"I have been quiet for a while now. I have been fighting this for a very long long time. This has gone too far and it's about time I come out and speak my truth so that you guys can get to understand where I come from," she said.

Diana added that it took her three years to open up about the incident to her husband Bahati, stating that she chose to come out clean on that dark moment in her life citing numerous sexual abuse accusations that have also been levelled against the Nomare singer.

"This boy Willy Paul has been pursuing me for a while. I remember I used to stay in Syokimau, I was at a movie shop when this boy Willy Paul came along and he was very touchy. He told me ati twende kwangu tuongee. I told him siwezi kupeleka kwangu juu sikujui. Then he told me ama tuingie kwa gari tuongee, so I got in the car ndio tumalize hiyo maneno because he was causing a commotion," Diana said, revealing that after he got into Willy Paul's vehicle, the Sitolia singer turned up loud music in the car and drove off at high speed while touching her.

A teary Diana, fighting to compose herself, recalled how Willy Paul finally stopped over at an apartment past Gate Way mall on Mombasa road before asking her to join him in his house.

"He tells me tupande kwenda kwake, I tell him mimi sikuji, siwezi kuenda nawewe nirudishe kule umenitoa. After that he got annoyed akaanza kunipandia juu. Guys, I remember this day like it was yesterday. I can feel the shivers in my body. He came on top of me, he started pulling my skirt up, anararua skirt yangu, anararua blouse yangu," Diana said, adding that Willy Paul was violent, choking and preventing her from screaming.

Diana said that it was after she screamed and raised alarm that Willy Paul, scared, got off her giving her the chance to run for safety.

"I opened the door and run. My skirt was torn up to my waist. Once outside, I saw a motorbike and I got on it, that's how I got home," Diana said.

The content creator said it took her too long to say the truth because she was scared no one would believe her.

"I know many of you are asking yourselves why are you telling us this story right now, but I have been asking myself, who will believe me if I said this what Willy Paul did to me? Who? Willy Paul has the audacity to come out and say that he slept with me. Willy Paul, you attempted to rape me. You attempted to rape me," Diana said.