‘I love you always’ – Diamond, Zuchu publicly confirm they are dating

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'We are not lovers' - Diamond, Zuchu clarify amid speculations about their breakup
Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu kiss each other. PHOTOS/Courtesy.

Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu have for the first time publicly confirmed they are dating after nearly a year of denying it.

The Bongo singer decided to publicly declare his undying love to Zuchu on her birthday, sharing a video that captured their romantic moments together.

Diamond further poured out his heart to Zuchu in his birthday message to her, telling her that "remember Lion loves you always". (Diamond's other nickname is Simba/Lion).

"This week we commemorate and celebrate the reborn of the gifted, creative, loving, talented, and humble girl that Tanzania has been blessed with @officialzuchu … Thank you for continuing making Wasafis, Swahilis, Women and the whole African continent proud… It's a relief to see where you started from until now to be among the icons in the African continent. Always remember, every job has it's own tests and challenges…. Strive to receive it whenever it comes and look for the right way to overcome it, because the correct interpretation of an exam is to climb a bridge after failing. May God bless you and protect you in life and your journey of contributing to show the world that Africans are blessed with such talent. Remember Lion Loves you always 🌹❤️🎂🍾," Diamond wrote.

Diamond's mother Mama Dangote indicated that Zuchu was her son's wife in her birthday message to the Bongo songbird. She referred to the 'Sukari' hitmaker as her in-law.

Nakutakia maisha marefu yenye Baraka… Ma mkwe Zuhura Othman Suod @officialzuchu 💕💕💕 (I wish you a long life full of blessings. My in-law Zuhura Othman Suod), Mama Dangote wrote.

Zuchu's confirmation

Zuchu revealed Diamond was her bae in a TikTok video with her friend. She was asked point-blank whether the Wasafi boss was her boyfriend and she admitted he was.

“Is this him?” Zuchu’s friend asked her while showing her a picture of Diamond on the phone.

Zuchu looked at the picture before admitting that Diamond was indeed her boyfriend.

“Yes, that is my boyfriend,” Zuchu said.

“Eish, you better be happy Chummy, are you satisfied? Are you happy?” the friend asked Zuchu.

“I’m drowning in a pool of love," Zuchu replied.

Zuchu also declared her love for Diamond after winning the Afrimma award for Best East African Female Artiste 2022.

In her acceptance speech, Zuchu said the Wasafi boss was her hero and that she loved him so much.

“My hero Diamond Platnumz, I love you, I love you, you will always be my hero,” Zuchu said.

Mixed signals

It was reported that Diamond started dating Zuchu back in December 2021 before they made the bold move of formalizing their relationship albeit in secret.

The two lovebirds were reported to have gotten married on February 14, 2022, but they did not confirm or deny if the wedding ever happened.

Diamond’s cousin Romy Jones who is also his official deejay appeared to confirm that the Bongo singer indeed married Zuchu in a Muslim wedding that was held in Dar es Salaam.

Yanayojiri Madale mchana huu Mashaallah mdogo angu nasibu ukatulie sasa. mzae na katoto kazuuuri mkaite Romeo (What’s currently happening in Madale. My younger brother Nasibu you can now settle down. Get a baby and name him after me),” Rommy wrote on social media.

Diamond in July 2022 referred to himself as Zuchu's husband while commenting on an Instagram post by his record label WCB Wasafi.

However, a week after he said he was Zuchu's husband, Diamond publicly denied being married to the Bongo songbird while speaking during an interview on German broadcaster DW Africa.

Diamond said he would get married when he was ready to retire from music, noting that wives 'kill' musicians' talents and careers.

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