Diamond: Why I did not marry Tanasha despite being ‘1 million per cent’ sure she was the one

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On Tue, 28 Apr, 2020 14:01 | 5 mins read
Tanasha Oketch and Diamond Platnumz, who dated for 15 months beginning November 2018, broke up in February 2020. [PHOTO | FILE]
Tanasha Oketch and Diamond Platnumz, who dated for 15 months beginning November 2018, broke up in February 2020. [PHOTO | FILE]
Tanasha Oketch and Diamond Platnumz, who dated for 15 months beginning November 2018, broke up in February 2020. [PHOTO | FILE]

Tanzanian heavy-hitter, Diamond Platnumz, has said he could not marry Kenya’s Tanasha Oketch because they differed sharply on how to raise their family.

Speaking on Tanzania’s Wasafi FM on Monday, April 27, the Jeje hit-maker said his 15-month relationship with Tanasha -- which began in November 2018 and ended in February 2020 -- was marred by ideological differences and lack of compromise by either party.


“My co-parent (Tanasha) has not yet opened up publicly about the exact cause of our break up, out of respect for her, I also wouldn’t go to the specific details. Nonetheless, the truth is Tanasha and I are no longer together as boyfriend and girlfriend,” said Diamond Platnumz.

“We separated because of factors beyond our control. We thought it would be wise if we gave each other the personal space to decide exactly what either of us wants. However, I would like to state that Tanasha never caught me cheating on her. Some blogs wrote that I was unfaithful, and that was the reason she and I separated. No, she never busted me cheating on her,” emphasised Diamond Platnumz.

“If there was a relationship that I wasn’t jumpy in, was my affair with Tanasha. In the past, I would admit, I was still young, jumpy and excited. But, when I got into a relationship with Tanasha, I shoved aside all the jumpiness and decided to commit to the relationship.

“We differed on how she and I wished to run the family. None of us wanted to compromise on their stand. We never met half-way. It was then that I said: ‘maybe each of us should think independently on how we’ll run our individual lives thereafter’. If God plans that Tanasha and I reunite, we will. If He hasn’t, then we won’t,” said Diamond Platnumz.

“Honestly speaking, I really wanted to marry Tanasha, a hundred per cent; one million per cent. That explained why I would even refuse to post some women on social media; some had approached me to do that, but I would refuse because I was seriously in love with Tanasha. I do not know why my dream (of settling down with Tanasha) did not materialise. Maybe, God had His plans. She had good intentions, I had good intentions,” said the award-winning crooner.

The 30-year-old artiste revealed he and Tanasha had mega life plans to the extent that the ex-NRG radio presenter converted from Christianity to Islam in preparation of their marital life ahead.

“She changed religions willingly, I did not coerce her. I remember asking her whether she was sure she really wanted to be a Muslim, and she said: ‘yes’. So, she and I went to a Kigoma mosque, where she officially shifted her religious faith,” said Diamond Platnumz. K24 Digital understands that Tanasha’s new Islamic name is Aisha.

Diamond Platnumz’s revelations -- on why he and Tanasha broke up -- kind of mirror what Tanasha said in a video interview posted on True Love Magazine’s YouTube page on April 1.

Tanasha said Diamond had certain expectations of how she should conduct herself in the relationship, and when she did not mould herself into that woman who Diamond had envisioned, the musician lost interest in the affair.

“At some point I was a bit lost [in the relationship],” Tanasha told True Love Magazine editor Carole Mandi in the April 1 interview.

“Now, there is a child involved. And, now, I am thinking of my son, not only me; I don’t want my son to grow up without a father. I am really trying to fight for this relationship, but I cannot be the only one fighting [for its success]. So, I had to think of what is best for me and my son. Towards the end [of the affair], things were getting rocky. Things got rocky for the past six months.

“We were still trying to see how we could make it work. And then it got to a point where I felt like the other person had lost interest. And, I would not say it was because of anything emotional. It was because he did not live up to certain expectations he had in a relationship. It is nobody’s fault; everyone is wired the way they are. And, when you do not live up to this person’s expectations, for some people, it is not easy for them to handle. Some people feel like: ‘you know what, I already have so much going on in my mind, I can’t handle this because I had this expectation’,” said Tanasha.

The 24-year-old stated she could confidently say the unmet expectations led to the failure of the relationship.

“I would say that was when things started going down, because I wanted to be my own person as well as be in this relationship. When you love yourself, you will be able to love your partner in a relationship. You will be able to love your family, your child.”

In the True Love interview, Tanasha also opened up on rumours suggesting she did not get along with Diamond’s mum, Sanura Kassim, hence the reason her relationship with the multi-award-winning artiste failed.

“I would say respect the mothers of your spouses. But also, it can get to a point where they will try to get a little controlling, and that is where you set your boundaries. And, you say: ‘no, I am the wrong person to control, darling’. It all comes down to: ‘what is best for you?’

“Don’t disrespect anyone’s mother. However, set boundaries. When you feel like it has become too much now, tell them. And set the boundaries in a respectful way from the beginning. And, if you feel that it is not working, and you are trying everything you can, and there is no progress; that is the time to look deep within yourself, and make a decision and say, ‘Am I going to take all these BS, or am I going to leave’?” said Tanasha.

The mother-of-one suggested despite there being friction between her and Sanura, Diamond failed to defend her (Tanasha).

“He should also take responsibility, and say: ‘This is my woman, and you are not going to make her feel uncomfortable’,” said Tanasha.

And now, Diamond Platnumz says he “fails to understand” why people are quick to blame his mother for all the break-ups he has had with his ex-lovers, who are more than seven.

“It hurts me when people blame my mother for my break-ups. I don’t live with my mother currently, and she works very hard to eke a living. I do not understand why they often blame my mother for my separations,” Diamond Platnumz told Wasafi FM.

Neither of the ex-pair said he or she is currently in a new relationship, and none plans to get in any affair soon.

“Currently, I am not in a relationship. Honestly speaking, I do not want to be in any other relationship as of now; I want to concentrate on my career. However, one thing I am sure about, is that my next relationship will end in marriage,” Diamond Platnumz told the Wasafi radio outlet on April 27.

Tanasha, on the other hand, told Carole Mandi in early April that she will take a break from romantic relationships for at least two years from the date she broke up with Diamond.

On co-parenting plans with Diamond, the 24-year-old said: “That is something I would like to keep private for now because it is something in the works.”