Diamond Platnumz: Why music labels don’t thrive in Tanzania

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On Thu, 18 Aug, 2022 11:19 | 2 mins read
Diamond Platnumz. PHOTO/(@Diamondplatinumz)/Instagram
Tanzania bongo star Diamond Platnumz. PHOTO/(@diamondplatinumz)/Instagram

Bongo singer Naseeb Abdul, alias Diamond Platnumz has explained why it is hard for music labels to thrive in Tanzania.

Diamond owns Wasafi Classic (WCB) which is one of the most successful music labels in Africa.

Demanding contracts

Speaking during the album launch of Barnaba Classic, the singer noted that business people are afraid of investing in Tanzania due to lack of support from the government.

Diamond said the investors also fear to experience what Wasafi has gone through as a music label.

“Every day we are being trolled because of how we have set our contracts,” the singer said.

Musician and investor Diamond Platnumz PHOTO/@diamondplatnumzofficial/Instagram

Impatient artistes

Diamond also took issue with artistes signed under music labels over what he termed as lack of patience.

He noted that in most cases, after musicians make money, they look of way to make the money all by themselves.

As such, some run to the government with claims of harassment and exploitation; Diamond has called for the need of creation of laws that favour both artistes and investors.

“When you are signed under a record label, you don't just become an artiste, you become business. The problem with our signees, when they get that money, they look for ways to get that money alone

“They start coming to the government and hiding there. They start saying they are being mistreated and the government protects them, and some investors are afraid to face the government. We want to have laws that protect both artists and investors,” Diamond said.

Diamond Platnumz on exploiting artistes

Diamond has been put on the spot a number of times for reportedly exploiting musicians signed under his label by making them pay huge sums of money to terminate their contracts.

Reacting to the claims, he said he has invested heavily in the music business and those signed under the label must adhere to the terms and conditions put in place.

Diamond said he runs the label as a full-fledged business and anyone who wants to terminate the contract must part with a certain amount of money.

“We are in music business but at first there were rumours that artistes are being exploited. It even reached to the President but we explained ourselves saying this is business and they understood it from our point of view

“So you can’t just leave when we have invested millions in your craft. I invest in this people, make ensure they have a name for themselves, plus shows so that we can also make money at the end of the day," Diamond explained.

Diamond Platnumz PHOTO/@diamondplatnumzofficial/Instagram