Evolution of Diamond Platnumz’s performance fee: From Ksh3M in 2015 to Ksh12M per show in 2022

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Evolution of Diamond Platnumz's rate card: From Ksh3M in 2015 to Ksh10M per show in 2022
Diamond Platnumz performs at a past event. PHOTO/Diamond (@diamondplatnumz)/Instagram.

Diamond Platnumz is the most expensive musician in East Africa as he charges a whopping $100,000/Ksh12 million for a single performance.

The Bongo singer has come a long way to charge the Ksh12 million figure. His rate card has evolved over the years and has only been adjusted upwards.

Back in 2015, Diamond used to charge $40,000/Ksh3,700,000 (2015 dollar/shilling exchange rate) per show. Wasafi publicly published Diamond's rate card details everything he needed for his performance.

Below is a statement released by the management in 2015:

First of all the team is going to Include 10 people.

You will have to manage Local transport during our staying there, return Air transport and Accommodation for the whole team.


8 Economy and 2 Business class return air tickets


4 double rooms

One Single Room

And one Presidential Suit Room


Our performance fee is 40,000$ per show at the Moment but if you delay to book us until we release our new Track on the middle of this Month there will be an increase of 5,000$


Our Technical rider includes two wireless Sure Brand Microphones, a glass stage (the size will depend on your venue size) with trussing having LED lights, and moving heads, moreover the plot stage shall have a backstage well equipped with air condition and eight personnel six being security, one waitress, and one representative from the organizers side…the backstage shall have water, juices , and snacks, please avoid beacon or any form of pork oriented meals…Please do note that the performance fee mentioned earlier is a very discounted rate aiming at establishing our good and pure business relationship.

Our performance will be 2 and a half hours to be precise.

Please do note that we won’t allow any figure on stage except for two security and our Dj during performance.

Any form of video shooting is unacceptable unless there can be special agreements between WCB and the client.

Thank You in advance.

Diamond Platnumz Management.

Diamond charged $70,000 as of July 2021

As of July 2021, Diamond was charging $70,000/Ksh7.4 million for a show outside Tanzania and $50,000/Ksh5.3 million at home. (the dollar/shilling exchange is based on the 2021 exchange rate).

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi media last year, Diamond's manager Sallam SK 'Mendez' said that other than the performance fees, event organisers also have to fly the singer in a private jet and cover his meals and accommodation in a five-star hotel.

Sallam stressed that the performance fee was non-negotiable.

$100,000 fee in 2022

Diamond currently charges $100,000/Ksh12 million to perform. This was made public after the Bongo singer performed at the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance's final rally at Kasarani stadium on August 6, 2022.

Diamond arrived in Kenya aboard a private jet and was ferried from the airport to Kasarani stadium and back on a chopper.

The Tanzanian singer was paid $100,000 after he performed for roughly 10 minutes and also endorsed Raila Odinga for President.

The $100,000 performance fee is separate from other requirements that include the provision of a private jet and accommodation among others.

Event organizers booking Diamond are reportedly required to provide a bottle of whiskey, 12 beers, 24 bottles of water at any time, 12 face towels, quality accommodation and more.

Diamond does not sign any performance or appearance contract before he is assured of the most luxurious conditions, right from how he travels.

While some demands may appear usual, others are outrageous and ridiculous. This explains why Diamond usually gets booked abroad while event organizers in Tanzania find it hard to book him.

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