Diamond Platnumz ‘sudden’ weight loss finally explained

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On Tue, 13 Jun, 2023 13:37 | 3 mins read
Diamond Platnumz showing off abs after intense workout. PHOTO/COURTESY
Diamond Platnumz showing off his abs after intense workout. PHOTO/Diamond Platnumz (@diamondplatnumz)/Instagraam.

Diamond Platnumz has never really had a big body but just like Eric Omondi and Njugush, he too invested his efforts and skills in a gym to help build some muscles which have left him looking all puffed up over the years.

With the sudden transformation, there were a few who accused Diamond aka Simba of using synthetic muscle builders to appear bigger, while in reality Mama Dangote's son was just busy lifting in the gym.

Diamond Platnumz weight loss already showing in latest photos. PHOTOS/COURTESY
Diamond Platnumz' weight loss already showing in latest photos. PHOTOS/Courtesy

However being a busy international artiste moving from one country to another, Diamond Platnumz rarely follows up with gym schedule which may explain why his weight often changes from time to time.

Diamond Platnumz weight explained

Speaking in a recent interview, one of Diamond Platnumz' former close friends, Mwijaku left many surprised after spilling out details regarding Simba's current weight loss and to our surprise turns out Diamond Platnumz has been on diet.

Well according to Mwijaku a top gossipmonger in Bongo, he claims Diamond has been borrowing a few tips from foreign artists and unlike before when he would eat like a 'proper African man', it now appears he has been missing meals.

Diamond Platnumz weight loss leaves tongues wagging. PHOTO/COURTESY
Diamond Platnumz weight loss leaves tongues wagging. PHOTO/Courtesy

His weight loss has become too evident that it appears Diamond has now turned to wearing baggy outfits to avoid giving his online fans another reason to keep questioning his health every now and then in the comment section.

Diamond Platnumnz on steroids?

Well, whether on a diet or not - truth is even Simba himself remains worried about how fast he losses his weight. While addressing the same topic a while back, the Yatapita hitmaker made it known that that he too is worried about his sudden weightloss.

"Half nimekuwa mdogo, kila siku nazidi kuwa mdogomdogo. Hilo swalla linachanganya watanzania." Diamond wrote under one of his photos explaining the weight changes.

His manager on the other hand also agreed the management was also worried about their boss shedding off so much weight at once.

"He has, consequently, lost weight. We’re worried, given we have pending projects. His management, including me, comprises three people. Diamond, however, often chooses to do what should be our task. He fears failure,” Babu Tale revealed while addressing Diamond Platnumz weight.

With this, a section of his fans warned him against using the usual steroids with most pointing out that the current changes he has been observing on his body are similar to those of people on steroids.

Platnumz missing leg day

Anyway now that his body is back to reset factory, it's a great opportunity for him to also focus on his leg days since that is the only area most of his followers feel he needs to put more work to.

But then again, looking at his mother's small body frame, it's only fair to assume Diamond Platnumz weight is a result of his family genes which is also why his kids especially sons also seem to have the same body structure.