Diamond Platinumz says it’s time for 7th child

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On Tue, 7 Feb, 2023 21:34 | 2 mins read
Diamond Platinumz says it's time for 7th child
Diamond Platnumz with daughter Princess Tiffah. PHOTO/Tiffah (@princess_tiffah)/Instagram.

Tanzania music star Diamond Platinumz now says he is ready to put another swirly bun in somebody's daughter's oven.

The father of six by five baby mamas from across East Africa stated that this year 2023 he is ready for another child but with who.

"Ni mwaka na wakati sahihi wa kuongeza mtoto mwingine sasa. Amin Inshallah," he wrote.

Despite rumours of being a deadbeat, Diamond Platinumz is ready to be a new dad but it comes as no surprise since in his confession he says he is afraid getting married would destroy his career.

The only surprise perhaps will be the woman who will agree to give the singer his seventh born and anticipating fans look forward.

Diamond's kids

As previously reported, Diamond in a segment on the popular Netflix reality show, Young, Famous & African disclosed that he has five baby mamas and six kids.

Apart from model Hamisa Mobetto from Tanzania, Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna and socialite Zari Hassan from Uganda, Diamond said he has a kid with a woman who is now married and another woman from Mwanza, Tanzania.

The singer added that he once had a one night stand with a woman while performing in Mwanza resulting in the birth of his firstborn child.

"There's another one, who is supposed to be the first kid. She must be I don't know ten years? I went on a tour in Mwanza, and we had a one-night stand then I heard after some time that she is pregnant

"Somebody told me she has your kid. Have been trying to see the kid, but the mother has blocked me," Diamond said.

Meanwhile, Diamond is going back to his roots as he continues to rule the trend list with his two new releases dubbed 'Yatapita' and 'Zuwena'.

The two tracks bring out the old school Diamond's musicality which shines in his presentation of narration with a touch of emotional appeal.

Yatapita and Zuwena are nostalgic in the sense that they could easily be mistaken for his old soundtracks like 'Lala Salama', 'Nitarejea' and 'Kamwambie' among others.

The latest givings paint a vivid picture that Diamond Platinumz hasn’t forgotten his roots, paying homage to the style that granted him entrance to the Bongo industry.

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