‘Diamond’s mom wants him to marry WCB host Aaliyah not Zuchu’ Maimatha spills beans

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On Thu, 7 Jul, 2022 14:50 | 2 mins read
'Diamond's mom wants him to marry WCB host Aaliyah not Zuchu' Maimatha spills beans

Diamond Platnumz reportedly clashed with his mother Sanura Sandra alias Mama Dangote over his choice to marry Zuchu instead of Wasafi FM presenter Aaliyah.

The Bongo singer only recently for the first time publicly confirmed that Zuchu and he are indeed married as many people speculated.

Tanzanian TV personality Maimatha has now revealed that Diamond's mother didn't approve of his decision to marry Zuchu.

According to Maimatha, Diamond's mom wanted her son to settle down in marriage with Wasafi FM presenter Aaliyah whom the singer was rumoured to be dating before he married Zuchu.

“Zuchu is moneyed that is why Mama Dangote is quiet. She is a female version of Diamond Platnumz. Diamond is a cheat but I don’t think he will cheat on Zuchu. Mama Dangote loves Aaliyah," Maimatha said while speaking during an interview with Mbengo TV.

Diamond's sister hates Zuchu

The revelation by Maimatha comes shortly after Diamond's sister Esma Planumz revealed how much she hates Zuchu to the extent that they just pass each other like strangers when they meet.

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi FM, Esma confirmed reports that her brother's sweetheart had blocked her on social media.

Diamond's sister said that she was not surprised by Zuchu's decision to block her, noting that she had been blocked by so many in-laws in the past.

She referred to Zuchu as a mere employee whose decision to block her didn't shock her at all.

"That [being blocked] doesn't surprise me. What is there to be surprised about? I have been blocked by so many in-laws and this employee is not shocking that she blocked me," Esma said.

Diamond's sister also said Zuchu unfollowed her on social media and she (Esma) also unfollowed her in kind before the 'Sukari' hitmaker ultimately blocked her.

"You think I will lose money when she unfollows me? I don't care," she stressed.

Diamond's sister also revealed that she doesn't talk to Zuchu when she goes to Wasafi's premises to see her brother.

"I see her [Zuchu] in the office and in the studio when I got to see my brother Diamond Platnumz," she said.