Diamond gets emotional as daughter breaks down in tears at airport while leaving for SA

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On Wed, 26 Apr, 2023 15:40 | 2 mins read
Diamond gets emotional as daughter breaks down in tears at airport while leaving for SA
Diamond Platnumz and his daughter Princess Tiffah at the airport. Photos/Screengrab

Diamond Platmumz's two children have returned to South Africa after spending nearly a week with him in Tanzania.

The singer was in a jovial mood when he picked up his children Princess Tiffah and Nillan at the airport but the mood was quite different when he saw them off.

Tiffah didn't want to let go of her father, she got so emotional and Diamond had to carry her several times while hugging her.

When the time to board the plane finally came, Tiffah broke down in tears as she had to leave her father behind.

While Tiffah was overwhelmed with emotions, Nillan was all cool and was even laughing at some point as his sister cried.

An emotional Diamond tried to console his grieving daughter from the other side of the glass wall and watched helplessly moments before she went to board the plane while crying a river.

The Wasafi boss told his daughter to place her hand against the glass wall and assured her that he would soon go to visit her.

"Mama T, hi five. Give me five. I love you. I am coming, I am coming," Diamond told Tiffah.

The singer was seen in a video fighting back tears while watching his daughter cry while boarding a plane to fly back to South Africa.

South Africa

Diamond's two children are based in South Africa where they stay with their mother Zari Hassan.

The singer was granted brief custody of Tiffah and Nillan just days after Zari got married to her sweetheart Shakib Cham Lutaaya in a private ceremony.

The two lovers got married in a low-key very simple Muslim wedding that was held in a house.

Videos showed Zari and Shakib exchanging vows while kneeling on the floor as they were surrounded by only a handful of people.

The two lovebirds were also seen celebrating after they officially became husband and wife.

Some people speculated that Diamond briefly took custody of Tiffah and Nillan as Zari and Shakib went on their honeymoon.

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