Diamond chooses daughter Tiffah to be heir to his multibillion-shilling empire

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On Mon, 15 Aug, 2022 11:06 | 2 mins read
Diamond Platinumz says it's time for 7th child
Diamond Platnumz with daughter Princess Tiffah. PHOTO/Tiffah (@princess_tiffah)/Instagram.

Diamond Platnumz has revealed that he settled on his 7-year-old daughter Princess Tiffah to inherit most of his wealth.

Speaking during an interview with a South African radio station, the Bongo crooner said that he wants Tiffah to manage his vast business empire.

"I would want her (Tiffah) to be the heir to my property. Especially my music business, to be able to manage my businesses. That's what I want," Diamond said.

The Tanzanian singer further reiterated that he doesn't want his daughter to be a musician like him.

"I don't want her to suffer. I wouldn't want her to go through the suffering I've gone through. I want her to be the heir to many businesses that I have also set up for her," he said.

Diamond first revealed that he doesn't want Tiffah to be a musician in a May 2017 interview with Larry Madowo while he was in Kenya.

“Mtoto wa kiume nataka awe msanii, wa kike asiwe msanii. Watamla sana! Mwanamke anatongozwa na watu tofauti kwa hivyo anapokuwa msanii, watu wanaomkujia wanakuwa wengi, so kutongozwa kwingi…da! Wataniua kwa pressure.

(I would like my son Nillan to become a musician but not my daughter Tiffah, men will exploit her. An ordinary woman has a lot of men hitting on her so when she is famous they come in multi-folds…and these men will kill me with blood pressure as I worry about my daughter and the men coming her way.)," Diamond said.

Diamond has distributed wealth to family members

Even though Diamond says he wants Princess Tiffah to manage his vast business empire, he disclosed that 50 per cent of his wealth is currently being controlled by his mother Mama Dangote.

The singer was responding to a question asked about how he is managing revenue earned from his vast business empire.

"It's a secret but the first person has to be my mother. She takes about 50%, then the kids follow. If I will have married, then Inshallah," he said.

The Bongo singer also laughed off claims that he is a womanizer, explaining he only loves to make love.

"I love making love. I will tell you this, let's assume am single at a certain moment. So what would I do and I love making love? So when you are single and you love making love what would you do?" Diamond asked the interviewer.